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February 2nd

On February 2nd, the Sabbath Sermon on NetServices will be given by Edwin Pope.  For the live Sermon, go to www.cognetservices.org or www.eternalgod.org  at 2:30 p.m. CT, and “Connect to Live Stream”.

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Jerusalem, in a way disproportionate to its world role, is becoming the spotlight for a global audience.  It is now commonplace for CNN or other news outlets to feature major reports and time slots to the Israeli and Palestinian enigma.  Even the State of the Union message from President Bush reflected the dynamic emergence of this part of the Middle East.
Although Mr. Arafat has survived several attempts to either kill him or remove his influence in the politics of the region, he is now being labeled in a way that leaves him in the company of Usama Ben Laden–a TERRORIST.  What is most remarkable is the stunning change in Washington.  Now the official American position is such that Prime Minister Sharon may move in startling ways to secure the safety of his nation, Israel.
We must be watching these unfolding events that will lead to international issues of such epic importance that a unified Europe and an empowered Catholic leadership will find it in their best interest to occupy this region.  In the meantime, the people of God must stay attentive, we must be about our Father’s business–reaching out with the GOOD NEWS of God’s message of world peace!
(Excerpted from The Philippine Star 01/28/2002)
Militants may protest and opposition leaders gripe but most Filipinos, including the business community, are cheering the arrival of US troops to take part in operations against the Abu Sayyaf Muslim kidnapping group who have links to the al-Qaeda network of Osama bin Laden.

Despite almost daily protests by leftists, Mrs. Arroyo has obtained a consensus from congressional leaders in favor of letting some 660 US soldiers into the southern Philippines. As a result, the stock market and the peso have strengthened in the past week as the Americans started arriving to help train and advise local soldiers in the hunt for the Abu Sayyaf.
The Abu Sayyaf have been attacking and kidnapping Christians and foreigners for years. The headline-grabbing crimes have given the country an image of lawlessness and danger, scaring away foreign investment and tourists.  US military assistance was offered to the Philippines as part of the worldwide campaign against terror in the wake of the deadly Sept. 11th attacks in the United States. 
Der Stern reported on Jan. 31 that the Minister President of the temporary Afghan government announced that Tony Blair of Great Britain rejected the request for additional British military help in Afghanistan.

Der Stern reported on Jan. 31 that the Minister President of the temporary Afghan government announced that Tony Blair of Great Britain rejected the request for additional British military help in Afghanistan.

The Austrian press reported on Jan. 31 that there is a growing desire in Austria for new elections. This, so the Austrian News Magazine, would coincide with Joerg Haider’s wishes. Format speculated that Joerg Haider might return to Vienna. Although 83% of the Austrians do presently not anticipate that Mr. Haider will ever become Austrian Chancellor, only time will tell.

Bild Online also made some biting comments on Jan. 31 regarding President Bush’s Union speech, stating, “Now he wants to fight premarital sex and use of drugs and alcohol by teens… Insofar as drugs and alcohol is concerned, he might want to start at home,” referring thereby to his two twin daughters and his niece in Florida.

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