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Answered Prayers

On December 12, 2009, Norbert Link will give the sermon, titled, “Answered Prayers.”

The services can be heard at www.cognetservices.org (12:30 pm Pacific Time; 1:30 pm Mountain Time; 2:30 pm Central Time; 3:30 pm Eastern Time). Just click on Connect to Live Stream.

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by Dave Harris

Catastrophic occurrences usually happen very quickly. People are seemingly never prepared for the worst!

No measure can apply to the things that will most certainly begin to happen in the near future. The provable truth of this statement is borne out by what Jesus Christ said: “‘For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be'” (Matthew 24:21).

Jesus also describes the state of mind of the people who will face this incomparable cataclysm: “‘For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be'” (Matthew 24:38-39).

Noah was the exception in his day, and his actions are recounted for us: “By faith Noah, being divinely warned of things not yet seen, moved with godly fear, prepared an ark for the saving of his household, by which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness which is according to faith” (Hebrews 11:7).

We, the elect of God, have been warned, and that means we have been made aware in advance of actual or potential harm, danger, or evil! Jesus emphasized this when He said: “‘See, I have told you beforehand'” (Matthew 24:25).

Along with preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, true Christians have anticipated the end of the age that prophecies graphically reveal. In point of fact, the Church is strictly warned that as we see the Day  approaching, we are to lift our voices by strong, stirring argument, admonition, advice, and appeal–that is, to exhort one another (compare Hebrews 10:19-25)!

This is our time to heed, to prepare, to be ready with all fervency–for what is coming will come, and when it does take place, it will happen all too suddenly!

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We begin with a selection of articles on Europe–including an alarming report on Europe’s secret nuclear weapons; a Russian plea for a European army; and the charge that the EU is escalating war in the Middle East, while Europe is anxious to please both sides. As Jews come to the rescue of Muslims in Europe–for fear that the EU might turn against Jews next–the Anglican church in the USA nominated a lesbian to the office of bishop, thereby angering headquarters in Britain.

We also note that Britain and France are at odds again–as they have been so many times during their turbulent history–but the latest feud might very well contribute to Britain’s likely decision to exit the EU. In addition, the USA might very well abandon Britain in the end.

We report on “wartime” President Obama’s acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize and his bewildering statements justifying war.

We quote an article on the return of the historical plague of syphilis in Britain and conclude with a special report on the summit in Copenhagen and the ongoing heated and sometimes mean-spirited controversy on “man-made global warming” or “climate change.” It is becoming obvious that Europe and the USA, as well as China, are drifting further and further apart on the issue–as one article’s headline reads: “Europe Turns on US and China Over Weak Emission Targets.”

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“Europe’s Secret Nuclear Weapons”

Time magazine wrote on December 2:

“Is Italy capable of delivering a thermonuclear strike? Could the Belgians and the Dutch drop hydrogen bombs on enemy targets? And what about Germany – a country where fear of atomkraft is so great that the last government opposed all civilian nuclear power? Germany’s air force couldn’t possibly be training to deliver bombs 13 times more powerful than the one that destroyed Hiroshima, could it?

“It is Europe’s dirty secret that the list of nuclear-capable countries extends beyond those – Britain and France – who have built their own weapons. Nuclear bombs are stored on air-force bases in Italy, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands – and planes from each of those countries are capable of delivering them. The Federation of American Scientists believes that there are some 200 B61 thermonuclear gravity bombs scattered across these four countries.

“Under a NATO agreement struck during the Cold War, the bombs, which are technically owned by the U.S., can be transferred to the control of a host nation’s air force in times of conflict. Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Dutch, Belgian, Italian and German pilots remain ready to engage in nuclear war.”

The Bible prophesies that a nuclear world war is coming soon–and that a nuclear Europe will be heavily involved.

The Russian View–Europe Needs an Army

The Pravda wrote on November 27:

“The European Union needs the joint all-European army… The US administration is very negative about the idea. The question about the all-European army was pushed into the background after the Balkan war… Things changed in 2009. The European Parliament established the Rapid Deployment Force of the European Union in 2009. Last week, officials of the Italian administration put forward a suggestion to look into the matter of the European Army again. Italy’s Foreign Minister Franco Frattini stated that Europe needed the army to deepen the European integration, optimize the spending on military operation in NATO and repulse possible threats…

“Europe wants to increase its weight in the world and turn into a real center of influence. Europe has not been happy with its role of America’s minor partner, not to mention its position of a subordinate member in NATO…

“Some experts say that the EU does not need the army because it is a political, not a military organization. European countries prefer not to participate in military actions. They would rather subordinate to someone than get ready for war to defend their interests and territories…

“Other experts say that the creation of the common European force is good for Russia. Russia supposedly used its friendly relations with Italy and initiated Frattini’s statement to distract the EU from the USA… Europe needs to get rid of America’s influence because the latter plans to betray its old-time partners for the sake of the new partnership – with China. The Washington-Beijing axis is a real threat, and Europe will be able to handle it only if it joins forces with Russia.”

The Bible clearly shows that Europe will have a very powerful joint army in the very near future. It is also possible, judging from history, that Europe will align at first with Russia, against the USA, but prophecy also reveals that finally Europe and Russia will be warring enemies (as happened so many times before, including under Hitler and Stalin).

Is the EU Escalating War in the Middle East?

  The EUobserver wrote on December 4:

“The EU must put real pressure on Israel to halt settlement growth in East Jerusalem or risk seeing an escalation of the Middle East conflict that could spill into Europe, a Jewish politician on the front line of the peace process has warned. ‘We have reached the last moment when it is still possible to divide and share Jerusalem. If it [decisive action] does not happen this year, it will become impossible to implement any plan like the two-state solution,’ Meir Margalit, a Jerusalem city councilor, told EUobserver in a phone interview on Thursday (3 December).

“‘This is not an internal conflict. You [the EU] are part of this conflict,’ he added. ‘I am talking about terrorism. I am talking about another London, about the clash of civilisations. The clash of civilisations started in Jerusalem and it will end in Jerusalem,’ Mr Margalit said, referring to the tube bombing in the UK capital in 2005…

“Mr Margalit believes the situation has reached such a dangerous point that the EU should consider economic sanctions against Israel. The councilor rejected the argument that Europe cannot influence Israeli policy unless it acts jointly with the US. ‘The EU is not a bunch of boy scouts,’ he said. ‘It is the biggest power here after the US. It must realise that what happens here will impact what happens in Europe much more than what happens in the US.'”

It is prophesied that Europe will intervene militarily in the Middle East in an attempt to bring “peace” to that region.

Europe Pleases Both Sides–Temporarily

The Australian wrote on December 10:

“ISRAEL has expressed relief that the European Union has watered down a resolution that would have declared Jerusalem as the capital of any future Palestinian state. The EU yesterday supported a resolution that Jerusalem should be subject to negotiations as part of any final status agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. The softening of the initial Sweden-sponsored resolution followed lobbying by Israel, which feared the initial proposal would have made it difficult to engage in negotiations.

“It is understood Italy, France, Germany, Poland and Hungary were among the countries that overturned the earlier draft. The statement by the council of foreign ministers was a rare accomplishment for the EU, giving both Israel and the Palestinians something to be pleased with…

“Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat rejected any suggestion that Jerusalem be divided, saying the EU’s resolution was ‘a real danger for the future of Jerusalem that will never work.'”

A Third Temple by 2010?

On December 6, Haaretz reported the following:

“If the 18th-century rabbinic authority the Vilna Gaon was right, on March 16, 2010, construction will begin on the third Temple. His projection states that the auspicious day will coincide with the third completion of the Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter. The great day is at hand: On March 15, the reconstructed Hurva Synagogue, considered the most important house of prayer in Jerusalem will be rededicated. It was last destroyed in the War of Independence.”

The Bible strongly indicates that a third Temple will be built, and that the Jews will begin to offer sacrifices in that Temple.

Jews and Muslims–an Unlikely Alliance

The Jerusalem Post wrote on December 3:

“Citing religious discrimination, a diverse coalition of Jewish organizations is objecting to Switzerland’s ban of minarets on local mosques… Jewish organizations, realizing that a crackdown on Islam could have repercussions for Jews as well, have come to the defense of Muslim worshipers, arguing that the Swiss’s move was unjustifiable…

“‘This is not the first time a Swiss popular vote has been used to promote religious intolerance,’ said the ADL [Anti-Defamation League] in a press release. ‘A century ago, a Swiss referendum banned Jewish ritual slaughter, in an attempt to drive out its Jewish population’…

“Meanwhile, it appeared that Italy might hold an anti-minaret referendum of its own. Roberto Caldeoli, leader of Italy’s right-wing Northern League party, said, ‘Respect for other religions is important, but we must put the brakes on Muslim propaganda, or else we will end up with an Islamic political party.’

“French Ambassador Christophe Bigot told The Jerusalem Post that ‘Muslims, like Catholics, like Jews, should be allowed to worship the way they wish. So why limit construction of mosques?’…

“Hegumen Filaret (Bulekov), a Moscow Patriarchate representative at the Council of Europe, voiced support for Switzerland’s ban. ‘Accusing Switzerland that it is somehow discriminating against the Islamic minority would be at least lopsided,’ Filaret told Interfax [news] service. ‘The issue of minarets is not an issue of religious freedom, but it is an issue of political presence of people of a certain faith and ethnic background in a country. Taking into account a rapid rate of Islamization, visible signs of Muslims’ presence would have, in particular, a political tint,’ he said.”

The New York Times wrote on December 9:

“Suddenly, people are expressing views that they once would have considered racist or intolerant… 41 percent of French people questioned said they opposed the construction of mosques, up from 22 percent in 2001. On the question of building minarets, 46 percent were opposed… One source of the fear of Muslims… is Europeans’ deep and complicated resentment of an unfamiliar, historically hostile religion that is perceived as a direct challenge to Christianity, Europe’s dominant faith.”

Europe is returning to its historical roots. The historical Holy Roman Empire–a combination of state and church–is being revived. We can expect that the EU will embrace Roman Catholicism as their state religion (as is already the case in Italy and some other EU countries). The EU will become an Orthodox Christian power bloc, which will not tolerate in the end non-Christian religions, including Islam and Judaism. Most non-Catholic “Christian” churches will come under the Catholic Church’s umbrella and accept the pope as their spiritual leader with unquestioned authority in spiritual matters. The next article on the election of a lesbian bishop in the Anglican Church might give us one of the reasons why this might be happening.

Anglican Church–“In Your Face…”

Mail On Line wrote on December 6:

“The worldwide Anglican Church has been plunged into a fresh crisis after a lesbian was chosen as its second gay bishop… Canon Mary Glasspool was elected as an assistant bishop for the diocese of Los Angeles… Rod Thomas, the leader of the conservative evangelical group Reform and a member of the General Synod, said: ‘I feel deeply ashamed that this is happening in the Anglican Church. I think a schism is absolutely inevitable.’

“But St Paul’s Cathedral’s Canon Chancellor Giles Fraser, a leading liberal, said: ‘This is another nail in the coffin of Christian homophobia.’ Canon Glasspool, 55, has openly stated that she has lived with her partner, Becki Sander, since 1988. American Gene Robinson became the first gay Anglican bishop in 2003.”

Times On Line wrote on December 6:

“The Archbishop of Canterbury and a majority of the other 38 Anglican primates had requested a moratorium on gay bishops and same-sex blessings in an attempt to prevent the Communion from splitting between evangelicals and liberals… Kendall Harmon, of the conservative diocese of South Carolina, said that the election of Canon Glasspool was damaging. ‘This decision represents an intransigent embrace of a pattern of life Christians throughout history and the world have rejected as against biblical teaching.’

“However, influential Anglicans spoke up in support of Canon Glasspool’s election… Liberals in England are increasingly frustrated that an Archbishop of Canterbury who was himself elected for his supposedly liberal views on this and other subjects has embraced conservative Christian values in the name of Church unity…

“Canon Glasspool needs approval from a majority of dioceses in the Episcopal Church in the US before she can be consecrated. The US church has become more conservative in the wake of the gay controversy and recently the dioceses voted against the consecration of a bishop who is sympathetic towards the Buddhist tradition. However, it is thought likely that this latest consecration will go ahead.”

It appears that many Anglicans have taken an “in your face”–approach. They don’t only seem to care about the survival of their church; they seem to pursue intentionally and willfully a suicidal road of self-destruction to push their own anti-biblical agenda. In all this discussion, we should not forget that the Bible does not only prohibit the appointment of practicing homosexual or lesbian ministers; it also prohibits the appointment of women–whether lesbian or heterosexual–to the office of a minister.

Britain and France at Odds

The EUobserver wrote on December 4:

“A meeting between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, scheduled to take place in London on Friday (4 December), has been cancelled amid ongoing tensions surrounding recent EU appointments… The French president recently proposed the London visit as a means of defusing angst over last week’s appointment of Frenchman Michel Barnier to the important internal market portfolio inside the European Commission.

“The City of London greeted the job announcement with dismay. But subsequent comments from Mr Sarkozy that he had ‘out-manoeuvred’ Mr Brown and that the appointment was a ‘triumph’ for French ideas on financial regulation only added fuel to the fire and served to enrage Downing Street. Fears that further public comments during Friday’s visit could serve to aggravate the dispute appear to be the reason behind the cancellation, with British civil servants suggesting it was London that put the brakes on the idea.”

The centuries-long feud between Britain and France will continue, and will affect continental Europe. It is very likely that ultimately, Britain will exit the EU.

Is America Betraying Britain?

The Daily Mail wrote on December 9:

“In all the speeches Obama has made since becoming President – indeed, in all the speeches he made when on the campaign trail, too – neither Britain nor the special relationship have merited a single mention. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that while the special relationship may not be dead yet, it’s certainly dying, a fact that should be enormously worrying to politicians – and voters – on both sides of the Atlantic.

“And yet Obama seems strangely oblivious to the dangerous path he has embarked on, becoming the first U.S. President in modern times to place no importance on the historic relationship between the U.S. and Britain…

“This, after all, is a man who, within days of being sworn in as President, ordered that a bust of Winston Churchill – a gift from the British people to the U.S. in the dark days that followed 9/11 – be removed from the Oval Office… Unlike so many of his predecessors, Obama is certainly a man with no close family ties to this country. He never attended a university here and has no great political affinity with Britain either. His Kenyan grandfather, however, was reportedly mistreated under British colonial rule during that country’s Mau Mau rebellion – an event to which he devotes 35 pages of his memoir, Dreams From My Father…

“Obama… seems to be a president with no real grasp of history… By withdrawing plans for a missile shield to be located in Eastern Europe, he not only appeased the Russians, he also betrayed the Poles and the Czechs, people who have only just been released from the yoke of Soviet control and have since become enthusiastic and valuable Western allies. What he did in Eastern Europe, he now seems to be doing to us…

“Time and again, history has shown – most recently, of course, in Iraq and Afghanistan – that when it comes to taking decisive military action, the only country the U.S. has ever been able to rely on is Britain. When the U.S. marches in, it’s only ever the British who can be depended on to march alongside them. And yet all that proud history, all that noble sacrifice, seems to count for nothing in Obama’s eyes. He seems oblivious to the debt of gratitude he, and the American people, owe this country…

“Britain needs America – of that there is no doubt. But recent history shows that America needs Britain, too. Barack Obama needs to wake up to that; before it’s too late.”

It is entirely possible that Britain will find itself in the end abandoned by the USA.

Wartime President Obama Accepts Peace Prize

The Associated Press reported on December 10:

“President Barack Obama entered the pantheon of Nobel Peace Prize winners Thursday with humble words, acknowledging his own few accomplishments while delivering a robust defense of war… A wartime president honored for peace, Obama became the first sitting U.S. president in 90 years and the third ever to win the prize – some say prematurely.

“And yet Obama was staying here only about 24 hours and skipping the traditional second day of festivities. This miffed some in Norway but reflects a White House that sees little value in extra pictures of the president, his poll numbers dropping at home, taking an overseas victory lap while thousands of U.S. troops prepare to go off to war and millions of Americans remain jobless.

“Just nine days after ordering 30,000 more U.S. troops into battle in Afghanistan, Obama delivered a Nobel acceptance speech that he saw as a treatise on war’s use and prevention… In them, Obama refused to renounce war for his nation or under his leadership…

“‘A nonviolent movement could not have halted Hitler’s armies. Negotiations cannot convince al-Qaida’s leaders to lay down their arms,’ Obama said. ‘To say that force is sometimes necessary is not a call to cynicism, it is a recognition of history.’

“The president laid out the circumstances where war is justified – in self-defense, to come to the aid of an invaded nation and on humanitarian grounds, such as when civilians are slaughtered by their own government or a civil war threatens to engulf an entire region. ‘The belief that peace is desirable is rarely enough to achieve it,’ he said. He also spoke bluntly of the cost of war, saying of the Afghanistan buildup he just ordered that ‘some will kill, some will be killed.'”

Der Spiegel Online wrote on December 10 that President Obama received the “wrong prize at the wrong time.” But the German reaction overall was mixed, and Der Stern wrote that President Obama’s “furious speech,” explaining when a war is “justified,” has increased his credibility.

However, what this deceived world does not understand is that NO war, fought by humans, is EVER justified. The lesson and recognition of history is that wars fought by humans have NEVER produced lasting peace, and they never will. Christ commanded His disciples to put the sword away (Matthew 26:52) and to rely instead on GOD (verse 53; compare Exodus 14:14). Ancient Israel did not do this, and neither does our “Christian” world today. This is WHY we don’t have peace–and WHY we will NEVER achieve peace with this kind of thinking. Far too many “Christians” are rejecting God and the words of Jesus Christ, while following their own wrong philosophies and reasoning. For more information, please read our free booklet, “Should YOU Fight in War?,” and please listen to our new StandingWatch program, “Lessons from the Afghan War.”

The Return of Syphilis in the UK

The Daily Mail wrote on December 5:

“Syphilis is making a comeback because of promiscuity among middle-aged men who ignore safe sex guidance, warn experts. Cases of the sexually transmitted infection have shot up more than tenfold in the past decade. It was thought the disease – which can cause madness, paralysis and even death in its final stages – had been largely wiped out with the advent of penicillin. But while their great-grandparents were well aware of the dangers of syphilis, adults today are seemingly ignorant about it and aiding its spread, with hotspots in London and the North West… Sexual health clinics say the rise in syphilis in the UK can also be traced back to increased contact with former Eastern Bloc countries such as Russia and Poland, where the disease has remained endemic.”

The Bible shows that many known and unknown diseases and sicknesses will affect this world, and especially countries like the United States and Great Britain, in these end times.

Copenhagen and the Global Warming Debate

This week, the global warming summit in Copenhagen began. It is unparalleled in size and attendance. It has been labeled as the most important summit in the history of man. But what is it all about? The selection of our articles below shows that there is strong disagreement regarding the existence of man-made global warming or climate change–and this debate recently accelerated, of course, with the infamous “climate-gate” occurrences. It is interesting that parallels are drawn by global warming supporters between the theory of evolution and climate change–perhaps without realizing that the theory of evolution HAS BEEN PROVEN to be false. Also interesting is the fact that Europe is turning on the USA and President Obama, insisting that he make more concessions on behalf of the USA–but very few believe that he will.

Belief in Global Warming at All-Time Low — Even BEFORE Climategate

Newsmax reported on December 6:

“A new poll reveals that the percentage of Americans who believe carbon dioxide emissions will cause global warming has dropped dramatically in recent years. And that poll by Harris Interactive was conducted between Nov. 2 and 11 — before the so-called ‘climategate’ controversy erupted, calling into question the validity of some of the science supporting manmade global warming.

“The poll found that the percentage of American[s] who believe in global warming has dropped from 75 percent in 2001 and 71 percent in 2007 to just 51 percent. At the same time, the percentage of those who do not believe in global warming has risen from 19 percent in 2001 and 23 percent in 2007 to 29 percent today, and the percentage who are unsure has climbed from 6 percent to 21 percent since 2001… Opinions differed sharply along party lines — 73 percent of Democrats believe in manmade global warming, compared to 28 percent of Republicans and 49 percent of Independents…

“Six days after the poll closed, on Nov. 17, someone hacked a server used by the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, and disseminated more than a thousand e-mails and other documents… The leaked documents ‘show that prominent scientists were so wedded to theories of manmade global warming that they ridiculed dissenters who asked for copies of their data, plotted how to keep researchers who reached different conclusions from publishing, and concealed apparently buggy computer code from being disclosed under the Freedom of Information law,’ CBS News reported.”

Worst Fears Have Come True

The Financial Times reported on December 7:

“Failure to agree [to] a new global framework on climate change at Copenhagen would squander the world’s best hope of avoiding the worst effects of global warming, officials from close to 190 countries heard on Monday morning.”

Der Spiegel Online wrote on December 7:

“The worst fears of many delegates to the Copenhagen climate negotiations have already come true: It has become clear that the official attempt to replace the Kyoto Protocol will fail to produce a concrete plan to reduce carbon emissions…

“It is often claimed that we could easily stop warming through carbon emission reductions, if only politicians had the willpower. In fact, political willpower is the least of our worries. This policy approach — which we have followed for nearly 20 years — is critically flawed. It is flawed economically, because short-term carbon taxes will cost a fortune and do little. It is flawed politically, because negotiations to reduce CO2 emissions will become ever more fraught and divisive for the actors in Europe, America and Asia. And it is flawed technologically, because it will not ensure that alternative energy is ready to end our reliance on carbon…

“Global energy demand will double by 2050. Alternative sources of energy are far from ready for widespread use… Rather than making fossil fuels more expensive, we need to make alternative energy cheaper.”

“Europe Turns on US and China Over Weak Emission Targets”

Times on Line reported on December 7:

“The European Union today rejected the new carbon emission targets tabled by the United States and China and said they were much too weak to prevent catastrophic climate change. The dispute between the three main players at the Copenhagen climate change summit overshadowed the first day of negotiations and dashed hopes that a deal on emissions was imminent.

“The EU called on President Obama to announce a more ambitious target next week, when he arrives in Copenhagen for the last day of the conference on December 18. But the US insisted that the provisional offer made 10 days ago by Mr Obama was ‘remarkable’ and in line with what scientists had recommended.

“Mr Obama has proposed to cut its emissions by 4 per cent on 1990 levels by 2020, although he has said this is subject to getting the approval of Congress. The EU has made a legally binding commitment to cut its emissions by 20 per cent over the same period. It has also said it would increase the cut to 30 per cent if other countries committed to ‘comparable action’.

“Andreas Carlgren, Sweden’s environment minister and the EU’s main negotiator under the rotating presidency, said the targets proposed by the US and China were too low to qualify as comparable action and therefore the EU would not strengthen its 20 per cent target.”

“Saboteurs” Against Global Warming?

Times On Line wrote on December 6:

“Ed Miliband was furious. His press conference should have highlighted Britain’s role at the Copenhagen climate talks that open tomorrow — but instead he faced questions on whether global warming was even true. ‘We have to beware of the climate saboteurs,’ he barked. ‘The timing of this leak and the questioning of the science [are] not coincidental.’

“Miliband was not just referring to the now infamous leaking of emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit. His definition of ‘saboteurs’ also included climate sceptics such as Lord Lawson, who recently set up the Global Warming Policy Foundation, and David Davis, the former Conservative frontbencher, who last week challenged the science in a newspaper article… Miliband said [:] ‘The science is, however, clear and settled and we will push on in getting an agreement that is consistent with the science.’

“The day he spoke, his words were being undermined — by the man who has done most to make global warming a global obsession. Jim Hansen, director of Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said he shared the sceptics’ hope that the Copenhagen talks would fail. ‘The whole approach [at Copenhagen] is so wrong that it is better to reassess the situation,’ he said. What Hansen was complaining about was not the science, but the solutions to be proposed at Copenhagen and, in particular, the proposal to set up global carbon markets, in which permits to pollute are bought and sold.”

Danish Speaker of Parliament Questions Man-Made Global Warming

Der Spiegel Online wrote on December 4:

“Denmark’s Speaker of Parliament has expressed serious doubts as to the way in which the climate debate has developed. ‘The problem is that lots of people go around saying that the climate change we see is a result of human activity. That is a very dangerous claim… Unfortunately… scientists say: “We have a theory” – then that crosses the road to the politicians who say: “We know”‘… Thor Pedersen says.

“[He] adds that the temperature has not risen in the past decade… ‘You should say that although we believed in our models, that the temperature would rise from 1998 to 2008, we have to admit that it has not risen. We cannot explain why it has not risen, but we believe we still have a problem. I’m just asking that people say what they actually know,’ Pedersen  [says]… ‘We should all shake hands and agree to do everything possible to create good living conditions. That has nothing to do with the climate debate, in which we try to determine the globe’s temperature. It is common sense…'”

Republicans and Democrats at Odds Over Climate Change

The Associated Press wrote on December 2:

“House Republicans pointed to controversial e-mails leaked from climate scientists and said it was evidence of corruption. Top administration scientists looking at the same thing found no such sign, saying it doesn’t change the fact that the world is warming… House Republicans Wednesday read excerpts from at least eight of the e-mails, saying they showed the world needs to re-examine experts’ claims that the science on warming is settled… ‘These e-mails show a pattern of suppression, manipulation and secrecy that was inspired by ideology, condescension and profit,’ said U.S. Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis…

“Defending the scientists, Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., said somehow the e-mails aren’t stopping the Arctic from warming, the oceans from getting more acidic, and glaciers from melting…”

When All Else Fails… Blame It on Russian Conspiracy…

Times on Line wrote on December 6:

“UN officials likened the Climategate controversy to Watergate today, claiming that computer hackers who stole thousands of e-mails sent by a senior climate scientist were probably paid to do it by people intent on undermining the Copenhagen summit. Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, vice-chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said… the fact that the e-mails were first uploaded to a sceptic website from a computer in Russia was an indication that the culprit was paid…

“Jonathan Pershing, the senior US climate negotiator, said the controversy surrounding the e-mails came at an unfortunate time ‘but has no fundamental bearing on the outcome’ of the summit…

“Reports today suggest that the Tomcity server based in the Siberian town of Tomsk was used to upload the e-mails on to the web. The server is used mainly by Tomsk State University, one of the leading academic institutions in Russia, and other scientific institutes…”

Is Global Warming as Fake as Evolution?

In an accompanying article, Times on Line wrote on December 5:

“In 1999, National Geographic magazine announced the discovery of a remarkable fossil. Archaeoraptor, as it was named, was claimed to be a dinosaur with feathers, a missing link of evolution that showed these long-extinct creatures were the ancestors of modern birds. A year later, however, the magazine was left with a dinosaur-sized portion of egg on its face. Scientific investigations revealed that Archaeoraptor was a fake — a composite of dinosaur and primitive bird fossils that had been glued together. The episode was seized upon by creationists, yet it has done nothing to dent the fundamentals of evolutionary theory. It survived this fraud — as it survived others such as Piltdown Man — because it is far too broadly attested to be threatened by a single piece of dodgy evidence.

“Research in dozens of disciplines — including genetics, anthropology, palaeontology, geology and medicine, to name but a few — shows evolution to be a scientific fact. It is hard to credit the view that all are wrong. This is worth remembering in the context of the Climate Research Unit (CRU) hacking scandal…

“It is possible that a few scientists might have faked or manipulated evidence, like the fossil-maker behind Archaeoraptor, though there is no proof of this in the CRU emails. But the notion that so many different branches of science have all connived undetected to manufacture a falsehood defies belief.”

Not, if we realize that Satan the devil is the author of many “scientific” postulations and conclusions. Satan, the god and ruler of this world, is called a liar, and the truth is not in him. And it is he who has deceived the whole world, and the Bible says that the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.

The fact that Darwin’s evolution theory IS a massive fraud must not be questioned in light of the biblical and archeological fossil records. You might want to read our free booklet, “The Theory of Evolution–a Fairy Tale for Adults?” Whether the notion of man-made global warming is equally a fraudulent fake, invented by scientists under Satan’s tutelage, still awaits a final verdict.

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You teach that Christians should not keep man's holidays, such as Christmas, but rather, they need to observe God's annual Holy Days. Why can't we do both? And what, exactly, are those annual Holy Days, and how are they different from days such as Christmas?

We are indeed close to the time of the year when people get all excited in anticipation of the Christmas season, complete with the hustle and bustle of shopping and, far too often, excesses both in over-spending, over-eating and over-drinking.

Far too many never seem to stop and think about the consequences of these excesses. Are people considering the fact that what is charged and overspent has to be paid back and sometimes at high interest rates, and that for a long time; also, that there are long range effects of excesses in eating and drinking to one’s health; and finally, that there are terrible consequences for family relationships; especially, when arguments break out, leading to violence to the degree that someone loses his or her life?

Why is it that many don’t seem to ask: Is this really what God wants us to do? And apart from the excesses, where do the Christmas customs come from in the first place, and are they biblically based?

The attitude seems to be: Don’t confuse me with the facts. But the facts are that in spite of the saying, “Let’s put Christ back into Christmas,” Christ was never in Christmas to begin with.

For instance, there is no biblical emphasis on the day He was born. The Bible nowhere tells us WHEN He was born, except that it makes it abundantly clear that He was NOT born anywhere near December 25. The biblical emphasis is more on the fact of His death and resurrection–showing the importance of the teaching that by His shed blood and His resurrection, man can also obtain forgiveness of sin and eternal life. And the Bible does tell us when Christ died and when He was resurrected–but this did not occur on “Good Friday” or “Easter Sunday”–both of which are additional human inventions based on paganism.

The whole Christmas manger scene is a complete fraud. There were no wise men at the manger. The number of the wise men is not specified. It is only stated that they gave three types of gifts, but they didn’t see Christ until He was a young child. At that time, He was no longer in a manger, but lived in a house (Matthew 2:11). According to Matthew 2:16, Christ was at that time perhaps as old as two years, since King Herod had all children two and under killed, based on the information which he had received from the wise men.

It was the shepherds watching over their flocks by night who visited Joseph, Mary and the Baby when He was born. An historical study of the area would determine that they never had flocks out in the fields after late October, so the date of Christ’s birth could not have occurred after the end of October. There is no biblical injunction to celebrate one’s birthday and, as mentioned, there is certainly no emphasis placed on the date of Christ’s birth.

The Bible tells us that we must not keep man’s religious holidays, which are steeped in paganism (compare Deuteronomy 12:29-32). A perusal of any encyclopedia or reliable historical source into the origins of the Christmas holiday would bring one to the conclusion that it and its customs are totally pagan in origin. In fact, ALL the Christmas customs, as well as the festival itself, are derived from the worship of pagan deities and sun gods. For full proof, please read our free booklet, “Don’t Keep Christmas.”

What the Scriptures clearly tell us and what mankind for the most part rejects, is the command to observe the seven annual Holy Days of GOD, outlined in Leviticus 23 and Deuteronomy 16. Seven is oftentimes representative of the number of completion (compare, for example, the 7-day week created by God, as recorded in Genesis 1 and 2). The seven annual Holy Days picture God’s plan for mankind from beginning to end. They are holy because God placed His presence in them. They totally encompass what God has in mind for mankind as to man’s potential and reason for being on this earth.

God’s annual Holy Days are introduced with the Passover, which is a memorial of Christ’s death. It was on the day of Passover, in 31 A.D., that Jesus Christ died. Contrary to popular belief, that day was a WEDNESDAY–NOT a Friday. The Passover is a festival but not an annual Holy Day per se.

The first and last Days of Unleavened Bread are the first two annual Holy Days. They picture putting sin out of our lives and also point at the resurrection of Jesus Christ–which occurred on SATURDAY at sunset, and NOT on Sunday morning–exactly three days and three nights after His BURIAL–during the Days of Unleavened Bread. It is only through Christ living in us that we can overcome sin. Seven denotes completion, so the SEVEN Days of Unleavened Bread picture removing sin completely. We put the physical leaven out of our homes, and refrain from eating leavened products during that time, as a symbol of putting sin out of our lives.

The next annual Holy Day is Pentecost, which pictures, historically, the Church receiving the Holy Spirit. When we repent of our sins, believe in and accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, are baptized and have hands laid on us by a true minister of Jesus Christ, we, too, receive the gift of the Holy Spirit–as a down payment or guarantee of eternal life (see 2 Corinthians 5:5). With the help of God’s Spirit in us, we can and must grow in the fruit of the Spirit, as well as in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, by using the tools God provides for us, including prayer, Bible study, meditation and occasional fasting.

Pentecost is followed by the annual Holy Day of the Feast of Trumpets. It pictures the glorious return of Jesus Christ to establish the Kingdom of God on this earth. At the same time, true Christians who are still alive, and those who died in Christ and who are then resurrected, will be given eternal life in the Family of God.

The Day of Atonement is the fifth annual Holy Day, which pictures the removal of Satan. Christ will place all of man’s sins, for which Satan is responsible, on his head and will banish him for 1,000 years. During that time, he will be unable to deceive mankind.

Following Atonement is the annual Festival of the Feast of Tabernacles. This is a seven day event. The first day of the seven-day Festival is an annual Holy Day. The Festival pictures the millennial rule of Christ and His saints on this earth and over this earth. The Kingdom or Family of God will rule mankind to help them also reach their potential–eternal life in the Kingdom of God as the very members of the God Family.

The final and seventh annual Holy Day is the “Eighth Day” or the “Last Great Day,” which pictures a time after the Millennium, when those will be resurrected who have lived and died without ever having been given an opportunity to know and accept Christ as their personal Savior. Then, they will have their opportunity to either accept or reject Christ and the government of God over them. Those who reject God the Father and Jesus Christ will be thrown into the lake of fire to be devoured and burned up–their existence will cease. The Bible does not teach a never-ending torture in an ever-burning hell fire; rather, their final punishment will be swift and decisive.

After all these events, God the Father will come to earth and dwell with His Family of immortal Spirit-born Sons and Daughters. The God Family will rule for all eternity, and there will be no more pain, sorrow or death (see Revelation 21:4)

This future for man, which is revealed through God’s annual Holy Days, is much more fulfilling than the false commercialized Christmas or Easter concepts pushed upon an unsuspecting and deceived world. In fact, Christmas and Easter celebrations portray an altogether false image of Jesus Christ. They either picture Him as a little baby in a manger, or as a dead man on the cross. But Christ is ALIVE–He is our LIVING High Priest–the second glorified and all-powerful member of the immortal GOD Family. He is LIVING in true Christians to help them become born-again immortal members in the God Family as well.

Why would we want to neglect keeping God’s meaningful Holy Days, by substituting them with a cheap and unsatisfying alternative? And why would we try to engage in syncretism–mixing paganism with Christianity–in an attempt to keep all of them? God tells us not to do this! (For more information, please read our free booklet, “Is That in the Bible?–Man’s Holidays or God’s Holy Days.”)

The choice seems clear. It is the choice between sin and righteousness; between life and death. God wants us to choose life and live–we as well as our descendants. Let us ensure that we DO choose life.

Lead Writer: Rene Messier

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Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

A new member letter was written, sent out and posted on the Web. In the letter, Brian Gale discusses the evils of this world (including the upcoming Christmas season) and encourages all of us to stay close to God and avoid this world’s pitfalls and deceptions.

A new StandingWatch program was posted this week on StandingWatch and You Tube. It is titled, “Lessons from the Afghan War.” The following is discussed: President Obama’s decision to send more troops to Afghanistan has been described as “dangerous.” It was pointed out that “parallels between Afghanistan and Vietnam are impossible to ignore.” The President’s speech has been labeled as “false,” and the war itself as unnecessary, unsuccessful and unsolvable. But the most important lessons from the war have been completely overlooked. 

A new German StandingWatch (AufPostenStehen) program was also recorded. It discusses the decision of the German highest constitutional court to ban Sunday shopping, following the complaint of the Catholic and Protestant Church. In addition, the change from the Sabbath to Sunday is addressed.

A new German sermon, titled, “Der Ursprung des Weihnachstfestes” (“The Origin of Christmas”), was posted on the Web.

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