Wonderful Joy

by Dawn Thompson

Sometimes Satan throws his fiery darts in the most trivial ways, annoying little things that eventually merge together. Next thing I know I hear myself complaining on the inside. What’s worse is that it’s not just over one current thing, he brings in everything that has ever bothered me, reminding me of my faults, failures and shortcomings. There is a good ending to this! And thankfully that good ending comes faster these days. Before I was called, these rants could take hours or days to turn around, now it’s in minutes!

I find it quite amazing how many thought processes have changed in my mind and in my heart since being called to the Truth. I am genuinely happy rather than envious. I care with sincerity, not just idle words. I’m not boasting, far from that! I just find it amazing that I no longer search for the proverbial shoe to drop. Perhaps this joy was always with me but it was buried so that I couldn’t even perceive it. I was so scared to even think of joy and happiness. Now, however, I awaken each day, thankful and joyful that God’s joy is in me. In ME! I am just an average woman seeking God on a continual basis, and because of His Son’s Sacrifice for me, God has given me wonderful joy!

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