Current Events


The resistance of the Taliban against the US in Afghanistan continues.  Several incidents occurred this week.  Rumors are circulating in the press that the US is preparing for an attack against Iraq.  A renegade army of 5,000 Taliban soldiers with 450 tanks, armored carriers and pick-up trucks is locked in a tense stand-off with American special forces in Afghanistan.

Afghan troops from Kandahar province are on high alert for possible military action against the allegedly Iranian-backed forces of Ismail Khan, the veteran warlord and Governor of the western city of Herat. Tensions between Mr. Sherzai and Ismail Khan in Herat remain extremely high and are causing grave concern to the Americans.  The growing number of U.S. troops in the country — more than 3,000 are based at Kandahar airport and in Kabul-are being drawn into provincial rivalries.

Pope Pius XII was convinced that Adolph Hitler was possessed by the devil, and he attempted unsuccessfully on at least three occasions, from his home in Rome, to cast out Satan.
Due to an impropriety of an “informer,” the German government’s attempt might fail to have the right-winged party “NPD” prohibited.  The “NPD” is openly sympathetic to Adolph Hitler and has been held responsible, through their politics and paroles, for several attacks on foreigners living in Germany.  A prohibition of the party prior to the next German parliamentary elections has now become doubtful.

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