All or None!!!

by John Amorelli

New Jersey – the Mecca
for extravaganza wedding parties and entertainment in the wedding arena
scene! I was part of that wedding scene. Playing bass
and singing in a top notch wedding band that played the tri-state
area. The income was good, very good. There were times when
I thought that I could do this as a full time job. “Just think”,
I said to myself, “I could do this full time and not have to do the
routine nine to five day job.” I was even contemplating not
working as a massage therapist any longer. During the week, I
would be taking it easy and on the weekends I would be playing
weddings. Then something happened. Something big happened! I was
introduced to the Truth. I would be playing weddings (now this
included Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights). I started to feel
that something wasn’t right regarding playing on the Sabbath. As
God opened my eyes to the Truth, I started to realize that He was
trying to tell me something. God was revealing to me that
the Sabbath was His Day.

It finally got to the point where I had
to tell my band leader I could not play on Friday nights because of the
Sabbath. I asked him if I could play only on Saturday and Sunday
evenings and have a replacement for me on Friday nights. He
responded with, “ALL OR NONE!” So, there was no deal. I
eventually left the band. I was scared because I would lose a
major part of my income. “How will I pay the rent, bills,
etc…?” My massage income was not enough to survive on.

worked it out!! With fervent prayer, God has rewarded me with
increased income in my massage therapy business. I had sacrificed
playing in a top-notch wedding band every weekend with great income,
and reaped God’s blessings. We must not compromise with
God’s laws. We must give Him our ALL. We must have an attitude of
ALL OR NONE in our spiritual lives, and He will give us ALL His

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