Why Worry?

Michael Link (25)

Sometimes it may seem natural to worry when we find ourselves in certain situations that seem too tough for us to handle. Things could happen in our lives that we may not be used to, and we would not know how to cope with them. We may have problems with work or school, or with our friends and loved ones, and sometimes even with ourselves. Naturally, we start to worry, thinking it’s too tough, and we may even start to forget how to react to these situations and sometimes may react the wrong way.

I have been there before, many times. When something got too tough, I began to worry and develop a bad attitude, even though I knew it was wrong. I forgot about the bigger picture and where I had to put my faith and trust. For the past 3 months, work had become slow for me, and in past experiences I would have started to panic a little bit. I could honestly say that this time I didn’t worry at all. I knew that God would provide as He says He will do, and I prayed about it and before I knew it, I got another job. The things that I least expected finally started to happen.

This wasn’t the only good thing that started happening, but several things happened and I have God to thank. Not only did I have the faith and confidence that God would provide, but I also had to have patience. Of course I had to do my part as well, but God tells us He will fulfill our needs when we ask, and only He knows what is best for us.

With God being in our lives, we know that we are in good hands. He tells us that we will be blessed far more than we can ever imagine, if we trust in Him, and He knows everything that we go through. He knows when we are in need and when we need help. So why do we worry?

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