Our Daily Bread

by Louise Amorelli

Bread….the “food” of
life. It is one of the oldest staples of the basic diet.
Our physical well-being depends upon fueling our bodies, daily, with
bread and other foods given by our Creator to keep us healthy. Due to a
recent illness which left me unable to perform normal daily activities,
I was forced to rethink my eating habits. In doing so, I have
learned many valuable lessons–not only in my physical life, but also
in my spiritual life.

The correlation between our physical and
spiritual intake of “food” is remarkable. I realized first and foremost
that quality food is of great importance in keeping our bodies in
tip-top shape. In this fast-paced, fast-food society, this can be
quite difficult. Just as we need quality physical food, more
importantly, we also need quality spiritual food, inspired by God’s
Word. Just as we should seek out the better foods to eat, we must
also seek out God’s Truth among the “fast-food” religions of this world
that promise us an unhealthy spiritual diet which can result in
spiritual illness or death. As all nutritionists agree, the fast food
ingredients of fillers, preservatives and artificial ingredients are
detrimental to our health. They are realizing more and more the link
between good food and healthy bodies. These foods entice us with our
senses, but ultimately bring us physical illness which can lead to
death. Today’s religions, in this Satan-inspired world, do much the
same. They are pleasing to our spiritual senses by making us think that
God’s laws are done away with and that the commandments are no longer
in effect. It’s the fast-food mentality of quick
self-gratification, without considering the consequences.

I have
also learned that I should take the time and make the effort to cook
healthy meals. This may take some time, but it is time well spent.
During the food preparation, this allows me to enjoy the whole cooking
experience. Not only does it give me time to spend with my family, it
also allows me to de-stress away the worries of the day. In the
spiritual sense, we must take our time during our busy day to develop
our relationship with God through prayer, Bible study and meditation.
By giving our time to God, this will bring us spiritual peace of mind
and a healthy spiritual appetite.

In the sample prayer given in
God’s Word, we are told to ask Him to give us our daily bread. We need
to keep in mind the relationship between our physical and spiritual
bread which are both given by God. Let us make sure that we take
the time in our busy lives to nourish ourselves with quality “bread”
with no preservatives, fillers or artificial ingredients!!

©2024 Church of the Eternal God