Basket Case

by John Amorelli

Recently I landed a part-time job in a chiropractor’s office. I had an experience that taught me a few good lessons. The last Thursday before Easter, all the employees in the office were given Easter baskets filled with marshmallow, chocolate bunnies and candy Easter eggs.  When I was given my basket, I didn’t want to accept it. I tried to give it away to other employees in the office but they didn’t want my basket.  I asked myself: “What do I do? Should I just leave the basket there and walk away?  Should I take it and throw it in the dumpster out in the back parking lot? Or should I just accept it and take the basket with me and enjoy the ‘sugar-coated’ tempties?”  These were the thoughts going through my head. There was one thought that didn’t go through my head, though–and that thought was, “Should I tell my employer and my co-workers that I don’t celebrate Easter?” (… even though they knew I keep God’s Holy Days.)

So I took the basket with me. As I drove home through the mountains, I had the basket next to me on the passenger seat. A chocolate one-eyed bunny slid out of the basket and was there on the passenger seat looking at me (with a smile). The temptation to devour that sweet delicacy was there.  At that moment  I was angry with myself for not telling my employer and co-workers that I don’t celebrate Easter.  I then disposed of the basket full of goodies! My voice echoed over the mountain as I yelled out in anger, “Issssshtaaaarrrrr”!!
When I got home, I meditated on the situation. I realized that I turned into a “basket case!” Instead of directing my anger towards that “basket,” I should have utilized God’s perfect love towards myself and others by praying for strength to be upfront with my employer and co-workers about not celebrating Easter.  The lesson I have learned is not to become a “basket case” in trials, but to stand firm in my convictions. I should not “sugar-coat” God’s Truth.

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