School's In!

by Eric Rank

In the days when I attended college, I loved the beginning of the school year. I was tremendously stimulated by the introduction to all sorts of new ideas, research and knowledge. After the intellectually stagnant summer, the exercise of thinking was refreshing.

I believe that most of us would agree that it’s exciting to learn new things. However, what do we do when the new and exciting knowledge we gain becomes old and obvious? From personal experience, I’ve found that it’s a natural phenomenon to lose momentum once we figure out the basics. This tends to occur simply because as we progress in a field of knowledge, the questions become more difficult to assemble and the answers more difficult to find. The danger comes when we stop trying to think of questions that would push us forward. When that happens, our learning stops, and in some cases, we might forget entirely what we learned before.

God requires that we continually push forward in the study of His Word. If we stop working towards this goal, it’s analogous to quitting our study at mid term. We all know that such a choice makes a failure inevitable. If we have any desire to graduate into God’s kingdom, we need to work at our study–using the background we have, and the vast resources at our disposal — so that our knowledge of the truth may accumulate. The alternative leaves us worse off than when we began.

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