Snoozing Away

by John Amorelli

My alarm clock goes off every morning to begin a new day for me. I normally set the alarm clock one to two hours before I drive to work. That would give me enough time to get ready. However, there is a feature on my alarm clock called a “snooze” button.  When the alarm goes off, I can depress this “snooze” feature button and it quiets the alarm for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes, the alarm will sound again and the process is repeated.  Lately, I have been “snoozing away.” I have been hitting the “snooze” button three or more times so I can keep sleeping.  As a result, I had to rush, frantically, to get ready for work.

The above scenario is my physical life situation. But what about “snoozing away” in my spiritual life? Have I been “snoozing away” in prayer, fasting or Bible study? Am I depressing my spiritual “snooze button”?  Or, do I avoid the snooze feature on my alarm clock and get myself spiritually ready for Jesus Christ’s return at the sound of the first alarm?

Each morning, when the physical alarm goes off and I avoid depressing the physical snooze feature button, it is a reminder to get my spiritual alarm ready every day and not snooze away!

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