My First Third Tithe

by John Amorelli 
As of this youth forum, I will be in my seventh month of my first Third Tithe year. With these hard economic times and financial qualms, I was concerned initially about being able to save Second Tithe, much less pay Third Tithe. I was scrambling to find more work to increase my income, so Third Tithing could be possible. Although I was humanly determined, there were two important spiritual factors missing in my quest for this Tithing tale–Prayer and Faith!
Instead of praying to the Eternal and having faith in Him regarding my Third Tithe situation, I tried to solve this issue by myself. It was hopeless. From the look at my income (being the sole provider since my wife does not work due to her health condition), it seemed that there was no way I would be able to fulfill my Second and Third Tithe obligations!  Simply put, it didn’t look so good on paper.
I decided to pay Third Tithe, no matter what! After praying fervently and trusting in God that He will provide, the blessings started pouring in!  Much more than my wife and I could have imagined–being approved for free health care coverage; our neighbors giving us provisions; a complimentary stove and bread maker for my wife; and increased income/work for me. 
Yes, I was lacking spiritually when I entered my first Third Tithe year. I wanted to help the Work and the brethren by paying Third Tithe, but I focused on helping in a human way first, partly leaving God out of the picture. Yes, God has provided me to be able to save Second Tithe and to pay Third Tithe. I have learned in this lesson that the Eternal should be in the picture first, that I should pray to Him and have faith in Him (even though my human intentions are good), and He will provide!

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