Raising the Bar

by Cali Harris

A “baseline” is defined as a base for measurements, or a point of reference. The word is a common term, used in sports, marketing, real estate, law, design, and medicine.

I see baselines at work in most parts of my life: in work requirements and performance, earning grades at school, progressing to more advanced levels of dance, and even in expectations of friendships. There is a starting point or basis for measurement in nearly everything I do, and these baselines affect my thoughts, words and actions.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the baselines that exist in my spiritual life. As I consider the Bible to be my fundamental point of reference, my knowledge can expand based on my spiritual growth. Whenever I’m blessed with increased understanding, I have a “new” baseline; my point of reference gets bumped up to a higher level.

I recently typed in “decision” to the church website to search for sermons that dealt with decision-making, because I have been faced with making important choices about school and work. I listened to several sermons, and was reminded that I should place my hard decisions in God’s hands, while using the opportunity to grow… and increase my baseline.

I’ve thought about my spiritual baseline in regard to the responsibility to help others—as a light in this world today and in an eternal role in the future. I am excited that every bit of growth makes me a better example; it raises the bar. I’m trying to regularly ask myself, “What is my baseline today?” The point of reference to measure myself—my baseline—should grow continuously.

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