Between Haste and Hesitation

by Eric Rank

Living at the latitude and altitude that I do in Colorado, the months of winter guarantee a healthy dose of cold temperatures and snow. This is most significant to me because I commute to my job by bicycle every day. Unless the weather is unreasonably nasty, this daily trek is something I look forward to. However, with winter darkness, ice and snow, this wintery commute can be quite dangerous.

If I was the only person on the road, the danger I face would be irrelevant. Snowy and icy roads are nothing compared to the treacherous cars traveling on those roads with me. I have planned my route to work very carefully in order to avoid traffic as much as possible, but I still come into contact with several vehicles.

When I do come into contact with other cars, I often have to make decisions about exactly what to do. Should I speed up and take a dominant position in the road to avoid a dangerous shoulder? Should I slow down and wait patiently for cars to pass or turn? Sometimes it can be quite difficult to determine what the safest choice is. But certainly, making the wrong choice, whether in haste or hesitation, can put lives at risk.

My spiritual life is not much different. An action I choose to take might affect myself and others in a completely different way depending on the timing. An offer to help someone might come too late to truly be helpful. I may make a decision on a quick impulse, finding myself committed to something I later regret. As a Christian, I know that what I do and how I do it is very important. However, the time I take in performing those actions is also important to consider, whether speed or patience is required.

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