Current Events

We begin focusing on the crash of a Russian jet in Egypt, killing everyone on board. The overwhelming conclusion by the USA, the UK and Europe seems to be that ISIS was responsible for this terrorist attack—“the most significant terrorist-related airline incident since 9/11.” This revelation would have serious consequences for the fight against ISIS, as it would have become clear that ISIS would be capable of committing such horrible acts, expanding the “local terror scene” of defined areas in the Middle East and “bursting onto the international terror scene” without borders.

We report on the desire of senior rabbis to build a Third Temple on the Temple Mount and address the first meeting between China and Taiwan since 1949; and we are drawing our readers’ attention again to the unprecedented migrant crisis in Europe and Germany. An insightful article by Pat Buchanan points at the inevitable conclusion that “one day soon, a voice will arise across the Atlantic calling for an end to this invasion, by force if necessary, and declare: ‘Let Europe be Europe!’” At the same time, the fight pertaining to Britain’s membership in the EU intensifies. We also report on the death of former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

Donald Trump continues to pick wrong fights, while President Obama is losing his fight—at least temporarily—regarding his immigration policy.

A $35 million missile test by the US Navy in Southern California had residents from San Francisco to Mexico “freak out,” and quite a few believed that extraterrestrial aliens had finally arrived. According to the Navy, their tests are being conducted for the purpose of “deterring Russian aggression.”

The secrets of the Egyptian pyramids are far from solved, and we report on the “thermal scanning of Giza pyramids throwing up anomalies” of the Great Pyramid at ground level, which are suspected to show empty areas in the pyramids, internal air currents, or different building materials used.

We continue with a terrible result of public opinion in the UK and address the ongoing threat of a new eruption of Washington’s Mount St. Helens which is considered a “high-risk volcano,” and even of the neighboring volcano Mount Adams.

We conclude with articles about the Mormon Church’s correct position on same-sex marriage and the shocking revelation of wide-spread sexting by American children and teens. Inasmuch as this illegal “trend” has become a major issue, we are quoting articles showing parents what they can do to supervise their children and prevent them from engaging in those very serious criminal activities which might destroy their entire lives… and the lives of others.

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