Current Events

We begin with reports on Germany and Europe, including Germany’s consideration of reinstating the draft and other panic-driven directives “in case of an attack or catastrophe,” (please view our new StandingWatch program, “Germany in Panic Mood,”) as well as its interesting history—and note the startling spy network Turkey has in Germany! The article on Germany’s many capitals shows the influential and leading role Germany has had throughout the existence of the Holy Roman Empire.

We report on a massive earthquake in Italy and quote an article regarding Americans’ increasing lack of faith in God. We continue quoting from the Washington Post, pointing out why the “ransom money” deal between America and Iran really looks quite bad for the Obama Administration. (Please view our recent StandingWatch program, “Obama’s Flat Earth,”) In addition, there may be legal and political trouble for Hillary Clinton because of her email violations. Not to be outdone, Donald Trump aligned himself with Mr Farage of the UK Independence Party—a move Europe will not welcome.

We cite excerpts from a lengthy article by the New York Times, which received much attention in Germany (the German mass tabloid Bild Online discussed the information contained in the article in great detail and linked to the article), summarizing the Russian government’s long-held policy of engaging in political murders of opponents and critics.

We conclude with articles on the new unconstitutional “vaccination madness” (focusing on California and Colorado), which is holding this country hostage; present a new study showing that people are not born gay or transgender; note that syphilis cases are increasing; and highlight man’s fascination with “alien life.”

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