Current Events

We begin with further developments regarding President Trump’s travel ban for citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries; quote a report to the effect that those countries did produce terrorists on American soil; speak on Melania Trump’s immigration lawyer; point out Mexico’s reaction to a highly controversial deportation of an illegal Mexican citizen with a criminal conviction (which is being challenged in court); and point out that the costs for the proposed border wall between the USA and Mexico might be much higher and a lot more time consuming than previously thought.

We continue with a proposed weapons deal between America and Saudi Arabia; the diminishing popularity of President Trump; and an alarming article about a fight between President Trump and the Intelligence Community, which, if true, would be extremely dangerous for national security. We speak about the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and the relationship between the USA and Israel. We also read about serious warnings of the coming collapse of the United States; incredible methods by U.S. intelligence agencies to gather important information; and America’s unprepared military in case of an attack. (Note our new StandingWatch program, “Germany to Fill the Military Void?”).

Turning to Europe, we report on alarming developments regarding the alleged unpreparedness of the British Royal Navy; Germany’s controversial actions pertaining to the sale of weapons; and Europe’s move towards further unification. We also report on the prevention of a terror attack in France; the approval of a Muslim ban by a majority of Europeans; the election of a new German President (who is described as anti-Trump); and the astonishing rise of Martin Schulz, who is becoming a serious challenger to Angela Merkel as new Chancellor, and who has been described as the German Trump.

We speak on North Korea’s missile test and China’s expulsion of Christian missionaries; and we conclude with an article, describing the ridiculous belief of gullible conspirators in the end of the world in October through the collision between the earth and a hypothetical mysterious star in October 2017.

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