Current Events

We begin with reports from regions in the Arctic and all over Europe regarding the detection of radio-active isotopes (Iodine 131), which could result, for example, from nuclear tests, operational reactors or submarines, or nuclear wastelands.

We continue with ongoing European concerns about the USA, describe Europe’s “bewilderment”; Europe’s rejection of American demands to increase NATO defense spending; the verbal attacks of the EU Council President; and President Trump’s “fight” with Sweden over a bogus claim.

We speak on our political climate which, according to some observers, parallels developments in Nazi Germany; address evolution and creation and the Trump Administration’s  revocation of federal guidelines “protecting” transgender students; and we report on outraged Fox News moderators who strongly criticize President Trump regarding comments made during a “press conference” and on Twitter. We also publish an article predicting a showdown between President Trump and US car maker Ford.

We continue with several reports about new directives by the Trump Administration pertaining to illegal immigrants, which have already created much controversy in the USA and Mexico.

We speak on growing anti-Semitism in the USA; President Trump’s condemnation of the same; and Iran’s declared goal to eradicate and annihilate the state of Israel.

We point out Germany’s search for a new identity; publish an article on Germany’s rising star, Martin Schulz; speak on the effort of leading European countries to design Europe’s future and Scotland’s inevitable departure from the EU; and we conclude with disconcerting reports about our dangerous modern fascination with Artificial Intelligence.

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