As Sorrows Begin

It may be true for all generations to feel that end-time prophecy is being fulfilled before their eyes. However, the events we read about today seem to take less and less imagination to connect with prophetic Scripture for the last days, than they did just months ago.

In nearly every corner of the world, we are seeing a significant shift in power, which we expect to see as God’s plan is fulfilled. Among the most alarming news is the steady stream of government protests in the Middle East. Countries that are clearly identified in the Bible with prophetic relevance have seen radical changes in only the past weeks and months. The Egyptian government has experienced a complete upheaval. Libya is in the middle of a civil war. Syria too has seen an accelerated rate of protests demanding a change in the leadership governing the country. In the meantime, the international respect for the country of Israel continues to erode at a constant rate. These major disruptions in that part of the world are just a few of the events going on today with prophetic relevance. What in the world IS going on? How can these things happen so quickly and unexpectedly for so many?

The answer is quite simple. We are reminded in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6, that for this world, the Day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night! We can expect the unexpected to occur. And even though God has already given us the overall prophetic picture, we might not yet be able to predict how exactly all the minute events will come about, as prophesied in the Bible. But we do have an advantage in that we have the tools at our disposal to develop our understanding about how to prepare for the end-time fulfillment of God’s plan.

So, how can we prepare? We can prepare by following the instructions of the Bible to build our faith, love and hope for salvation. In these virtues we must invest and trust. The corollary truth is that the “comforts” of the world we live in are the things we must turn away from, because they are completely unreliable and work against our spiritual goals. Overcoming the negative influences of the world, and trusting in the one true God must be a way of life for us if we want to be prepared for the establishment of God’s Kingdom.

Even with these truly comforting meditations at the forefront of our thoughts, the unrest in the world makes it far too easy to lose heart and fall into worry. While there is not much that we can control outside of our ability to prepare spiritually, at least we know that we can trust in God. I frequently find encouragement and strength when reading Joshua 1:9, where God admonishes the newly appointed leader of Israel on the threshold of entering the land of Canaan: “’Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.’”

Matthew 24:36 plainly tells us that no one knows the day or the hour when Jesus Christ will return. Even if it was possible to have such information, it would be of no use without the virtues that we are told to develop. Even if we always had the ability to accurately predict every minute sequence of prophetic fulfillment, we still would not be prepared for the coming of Christ without the love of living God’s way of life. We must not be afraid of the events contributing to the fulfillment of prophecy, but even more importantly, it is critical that we work to prepare spiritually, so we can be among those who have succeeded in overcoming the world when that Great Day arrives.

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