My Vote Is For…

It is hard to believe that the campaigning for President of the United States has already begun. Sometimes it seems like it never stopped. Currently we have the “conservatives” starting to vie for the nomination of their particular party, while the sitting President has not really ever stopped his fund raising in a bid for a second term in office.

The News outlets are all agog with every prattling detail of the infighting, as well as the shots being fired across the partisan aisle. Yet individually, everyone still has a savior they are touting – the man or woman who is going to put the US back on the straight and narrow. This nominee will be expected to deliver us out of debt, redeem consumer confidence and master the economy, along with a host of other near impossibilities.

As each of the possible candidates are vetted for their responses to the crisis du jour, a more pertinent question that would get to the heart of the matter is not being asked. The issue at hand is not which politician should be elected, but rather, should we be looking for a solution from politicians at all? Are they the remedy for what ails the US… and the world, for that matter?

The answer is a resounding “NO!” But there is more to this than just that. The reason they are not the key is because politics are not the actual problem. The quagmire that we are in is due to a pervasive character problem. The trouble that we consistently see around us stems from a lack of Godly attributes in the people who are making the decisions.

At the root of what is going on around us are amoral ethics of greed, lust, hatred and selfish ambition… and the list goes on. If we are to carefully scrutinize the basis of the conflicts going on all around us, we would have to come to the conclusion that there is a vice underlying it.

So then to whom should we look to lead us? The answer would have to be one of impeccable and unimpeachable character. Someone who is going to make the right decision for all mankind. Of course, only the God Family has traits that are this virtuous – so naturally the returning Christ is the One that we should be looking to for leadership here on earth.  He is the only one capable of directing and guiding us out of this morass that the world is currently in.  To put our faith anywhere else would be to misplace it, because the Son of God truly is and will be our only Deliverer, Redeemer, Master, Savior and Leader.

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