Encouragement from an Unsuspected Source

“Never before, in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so MANY to so FEW.”  These words were spoken by the late Sir Winston Churchill, who served Great Britain as prime minister during World War II. He said this in tribute to the pilots and air crew who gave and even lost their lives during the battle for the defence of the British Isles. These men and some woman were the “FEW.”

With “THE MANY,” Churchill referred to the main populace of the British Isles, and the generations that would follow, who were allowed to enjoy their inherited physical blessings and freedoms a little while longer.

Winston Churchill also spoke of  “THE FIELD OF HUMAN CONFLICT.” What did he mean by that? He was a noted and respected historian. He is author of the major work, “History Of The English Speaking Peoples” – written in four volumes. He was very familiar with the many HUMAN CONFLICTS and wars that involved the birthright peoples of the British Isles.

It may be interesting to apply his words to our Christian warfare. Many times in God’s Word, parables and analogies are used to help us understand something important. And so, Jesus referred to His people as “the little flock.”  That is how it has been down through the eras of Church history. Compared to the main populace of this world who have not yet been called, we are the “FEW.”

As Christians, we are required to do battle in the field of conflict. We refuse to fight against human beings, and we do not fight with tanks, guns and planes, but we are to put on the spiritual armour of God, including His mighty power, to fight against evil spirits in high places. 2 Corinthians 10:4 tells us: “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds.” Our “field of human conflict” is spiritual. The battles are very real and very difficult. Victory requires the protection and power of God, enabling the “FEW” to be winners! 

In God’s great and wonderful plan of salvation, only few are called in this day and age. The “MANY” have not yet been called. They will be given their first opportunity to obtain salvation during the Millennium and the Great White Throne Judgment period. Jesus Christ is the forerunner and perfect example, but He will be assisted by the “few”—the pioneers—who were called in this life and who overcame and qualified for the Kingdom of God. As pilgrims, strangers and foreigners, they had to come out of this world of hate and war and misunderstood “peace” and “freedom.” They had to become living sacrifices, to prepare for the wonderful world tomorrow. Some even lost their lives quite literally in the process. In the future, the “MANY” will realize how much they “OWE” to the FEW—and especially Jesus Christ, the Captain of their salvation. Such indebtedness will “never before” have been so great! 

Even though Winston Churchill spoke merely about physical warfare, with the goal of protecting human life and temporary physical freedom, his words, if rightly applied, can give us great encouragement and motivation to continue in our spiritual battle for eternal life and true and enduring freedom.

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