A Better Plan

God’s plan is basic and simple. It does not have difficult complexity to it. God is, and always has been a Family, and His plan is to enlarge His Family through man. To accomplish this, man was created physically with the opportunity to become spirit. Blood is the common element in the human family—it maintains us physically. God’s Spirit sustains us spiritually, with the prospect of eventually inheriting eternal life as a God being and member of the God Family.
God’s plan is based on love and maintains ten simple rules, as it were, outlining how to establish a proper relationship with God and our fellow man. These fundamental rules are known today as God’s Ten Commandments. The first four commandments show us how to love God, and the last six commandments teach us how to love our neighbor.
Satan invented what he determined to be a better plan. His plan is not based on man’s love for and obedience to the ten rules of a godly relationship with God and man, but it is based on the contrary and destructive principles of get, selfishness and greed. In God’s plan, man was to maintain and embellish the earth. Satan, not willing to obey God, influenced Eve to sin by disobeying God’s instructions, and Adam followed her bad example.
Satan has become the god of this world. He has deceived the whole world. His plan is in full-fledged mode today, and what do we see? We see wars, destruction of the environment, murder and mayhem.
God wants the earth to be a paradise for man. Satan wants to use the scorched earth approach in an attempt to destroy mankind, and all human flesh. He also wants those of us who are being called now to fail in our calling. He wants us to become disqualified, preventing us from becoming God beings. He also wants to thwart our efforts of proclaiming this gospel or good news of the Kingdom or Family of God. He wants to prevent the gospel from reaching mankind. He does not want anyone to repent, but that all would remain his captives.
Which is the better plan? The one, which entails peace and harmony between man and God, and which provides the means for man to eventually become God–or the one, which would lead to the destruction of all flesh and the pollution of our entire earth?
The answer is self-evident, and that is part of the reason why it is so important for us to remain focused on and to proclaim the good plan of God, and to go faithfully through doors which God may open for us in this endeavor.

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