Disaster Comes

Driving to where we meet for Sabbath Services this past week, my wife and I noticed an ominous billowing plume of smoke—the tell-tale sign of an erupting forest fire.
Now, the city of Fort Collins, Colorado, is making national and international news because of its close proximity to what has become a raging inferno consuming over forty-thousand acres, including reports of terrible destruction and even death.
For those so suddenly displaced and virtually fleeing for their lives, the loss has been heart-rending. The possessions of a lifetime are gone. The future is bleak and uncertain, and their way forward will doubtless leave them emotionally wounded along with the challenge to rebuild their lives.
The outpouring of help has been remarkable, and this community has been blessed with abundant resources for just times like this. This disaster is proving to be life-changing for a lot of people, but it is—as many disasters are—manageable.
However, for those who closely follow the prophetic teachings of the Word of God, we know that the world is on the threshold of such cataclysmic occurrences that no one is prepared, and few will even survive. For those who do, it will be in a world that has been saved from the brink of total annihilation.
Here is how Jesus Christ spoke of this future, and how He promised help for those who are faithful to Him—called here and other places in the Bible, the “elect”:
“‘And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened’” (Matthew 24:22). 
Of course this is very encouraging for us who seek to follow the lead of Jesus Christ and to be obedient to God, but what about everyone else? Do we have any responsibility for others? While many will help in times of need and prove to be generous following times of difficulty, our challenge is to provide the help BEFORE disaster comes!
The way we are to do this is to boldly proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God; to teach a true understanding of what it means to be a Christian; to reach out to those who respond and to help them become a part of God’s “elect.”
Disaster is coming, and we have been given an understanding from God about the future. Will we be prepared, personally, and will we be the ones who help alert the world of the tribulation which will devastate all people?

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