What’s Yours is Yours

When we see faults in others, what do we think?  Do we look down on them for having a frailty that we could easily overcome?  Do we condemn them and perhaps turn our head in derision or do we….

What we may have failed to realize is that God, as well as Satan, knows exactly what we need to work on personally.  So whether it is God who is testing us or the devil tempting us, in a sense we have custom-designed issues that we individually have to deal with.

So what we have come to see in others may be their Mount Everest — but it is not ours.  By the same token, ours will not be theirs.  We will all have trials, just not necessarily the same ones.

In our mutual walk that we have, as we head in the same direction side by side, occasionally bumping into one another, let’s try to remember that we may vary in the talent and abilities to handle our specific weaknesses in general.  We should also be aware that it is difficult to have the proper perspective while looking at others when we have a plank in our own eye (Matthew 7:3-5).

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