Not For Turning

In two of my last three editorials I have written about the Bible, God’s instruction manual, being ignored over the questions of women bishops in the Church of England and same sex marriage.  

Thinking about those two issues and the fact that many seem to think that the Word of God is flexible and must “move with the times” reminded me that there have been those in leadership positions who actually did know right from wrong and didn’t expect the goalposts to move in order to fit in with what the movers and shakers in modern society expected and required.

The phrase “the lady’s not for turning” is a famous phrase used by the late UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at the Conservative Party Conference on October 10, 1980.   The people of God can learn a very important lesson from what Mrs Thatcher said.   I don’t refer to any political agenda or any political party as we are to stay clear of the political scene and have no involvement with it whatsoever.   I refer to the fact that when it comes to staying with principles we believe in that we should not be for turning either.

We have seen over the years those who have been for turning and are no longer part of the Church, and so it is a point that has to be made time and time again to remind us not to relax.   If any of us let down in any way, our adversary will exploit any weakness he can find.

We live in an era of licentiousness, permissiveness and outright liberality where almost anything goes, and God’s people stand out very clearly from those all around us.   If that is not the case, then we are really in trouble!

God has set the standard, and He has no need to conform to the requirements of modern society.   He created us and has no need to let His creation dictate to Him.   He knows what is best.   God does not change (Malachi 3:6) and that refers to His character and the keeping of His law.   Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever, as we read in Hebrews 13:8.   They are not for turning and neither should we be.

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