The Jubilee Year

The Canadian minority government was defeated on Monday, November
28, in a non-confidence vote by the opposition parties, which will
force an election in January of 2006. This motion was brought on in
part by a financial scandal of the current party which had wasted some
300 plus million Canadian dollars of taxpayers’ money. This situation
just serves as an example of broader application: Political leaders may
have good intentions when first elected but they are soon at the trough
wondering what perks can be taken advantage of. Another incident of
lavish spending of tax money by politicians occurred last week: Three
men from back East dined in a restaurant in the West. Their meal cost
Canadians $1000.00. This is only one of many examples of people wasting
taxpayers’ money.

In addition, even the idea that a taxpayer
owns his home and property is just an illusion. They pay property taxes
on it annually. If you lived for 1,000 years and would pay taxes
throughout that time, eventually you would pay more taxes than the
actual purchase price or value of the property. To say you own it is
not the reality of the situation. If you fail to pay the taxes, the
government can seize your property, sell it, recover the taxes owed and
give you the cash balance, if any–so, in effect, you have lost your
property. If they want to build a railway through your property, it is
expropriated by the government. They may pay you the market
value–mostly an amount far below the actual price you could have
received if it had not been for the expropriation–and you lose the

In ancient Israel land was allocated to the twelve
tribes (except for the tribe of Levi), and the tribe members were given
property within the boundaries of the appropriated land. They did not
pay taxes on the land–it was theirs free and clear. They could however
“sell” by choice or if they fell into poverty, but not “for good.” The
land was God’s and was not to be sold permanently (Leviticus 25:23). If
you sold the land you could redeem it; that is, buy it back and pay the
“lease” or “rental” value of the property for the time it had not been
in your possession. The return of the property to its permanent owner
took place on the Jubilee year, which occurred every 50 years
(Leviticus 25:9-10), and which always started on the Feast of
Atonement. That way, no one would be destitute of land forever, since
the land went back to the original owners.

By contrast, the
governments of this world try to give us the illusion that we actually
own the land and “our” property, yet in reality it is nothing but a
temporary lease for us and our descendents.

We also notice that
countries like Canada or the United States are indebted to foreigners.
A rich Texan friend of the U.S. President purchased the company where I
work for some 6 billion dollars. So now our company–a major utility
and distribution facility of natural gas and oil–is owned by
Americans. In today’s Canadian papers, the lead articles in the
financial sections were: ” WHITE KNIGHT COMES TO THE RESCUE.” It
reported about a German company (“Krupps”) buying a huge steel company
in Canada, which has been around since 1912 and which employs some
11,000 workers. Foreign ownership in Canada–and the USA, for that
matter–is on the increase. Ultimately, foreign owners will “foreclose”
on Canadian and US land and property. God foretold this in the Bible,
as punishment for our national disobedience to His laws.

the good news is that foreign ownership of our companies and land will
end in the future. As the Day of Atonement pictures, the current god of
this earth–Satan the devil– will be replaced by Christ when He
returns to this earth to RULE this world JUSTLY and to usher in the

Sometime in the future, that which is pictured by the
Day of Atonement and the Jubilee year will have become reality: We, as
saints ruling with and under Christ, will allocate land to the
inhabitants of the earth which shall not be taken away for taxes,
expropriation or foreign ownership. That day will be a tremendous time
of happiness for all to rejoice in.

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