The Road More Traveled

There are many decisions with accompanying entanglements that await
us. It would be admirable if we knew the safer, smoother path in order
that we might negotiate life’s obstacles. Sad to say, but this normally
only comes with the experience that tests and trials bring. Yet there
is a way to short circuit the learning curve.

This is by
obtaining sage advice (Proverbs 1:5) and not from just one person, but
from many. If we seek out several wise people and listen, then our best
laid plans will be better (Proverbs 15:22), and we will be less likely
to encounter the myriad of pitfalls that lie before us (Proverbs 11:14;
24:6). Many before us have had to make the same or similar decisions
that we are making or will have to make. Why not glean from their
mistakes and make them our successes?

One of the hardest things
to do is learn from the experience of others and to truly internalize
their observations. It seems so simple and straightforward when we tell
a child not to touch the hot stove. In light of this, we often will not
take similar cautionary conversations to heart. But if we can, and if
we choose to heed the words of the Bible, the bad judgments of others
can become our good decisions and then perhaps, we can take the road
less traveled by.

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