Against Hope

When all human possibilities fail—when we face what may seem to be the “last straw”—what do we do?

and Sarah reached that point in their desire for a child. Sarah was
past the age for childbearing. However, the Bible records that God
intervened to give them Isaac.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego
would not serve the gods of Nebuchadnezzar, nor worship his golden
image. Because of this, they were led to what was surely to be their
execution. Again, the Bible reveals God’s miraculous intervention.

died. His sisters and friends gave up all hope. In fact, Mary’s only
response was to say that her brother wouldn’t have died if Jesus had
been there earlier. But even death was overcome on that day!

trials are no less insurmountable—at least in respect to our own
abilities or our own resources. There are times when we simply can’t do
it on our own. Like those men and women of the Bible who both faced and
then overcame the impossible, we will face ultimate trials.

we do, will we give up? Or, will we personalize the examples found in
God’s Word, and become strong through the certain hope of the immutable
promises of God—with whom ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE (compare Matthew

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