"A Season To Be Jolly"

In a few weeks, the Christian Western world, and even a few other non-Christian countries, will be celebrating Christmas, supposedly observing the birth of Jesus Christ. Those who have looked into the origin of Christmas will tell you that it is rooted in paganism and that Christ was not born on December 25, nor anywhere near that date. Most, however, although they know these well-established facts, will still advocate the observance of Christmas, anyway.

Christ’s own words were, in addressing the ministry, “You shall know them by their fruits.” (Matthew 7:16). This basic principal can also be applied to religious practices. Why use such a criteria?

When Christ spoke these words, He addressed an agrarian society familiar with the growing of plants, trees and gardens. A tree may look healthy and the leaves may look good, but it is only when you taste the fruit — the end product — that you can determine how good the tree really is. Using this method, let’s look at the fruits of Christmas, based upon what we DID observe in years past, and what we WILL experience this year:

We will observe an increase of road checks for people who drink and drive during the holiday season. We will observe an increase in the consumption of alcohol at this time, causing an increase in motor vehicle accidents and deaths.

We will observe an increase of family arguments as a result of over-drinking — with old hurts and offenses coming to the surface.

We will observe people going into debt because of the commercial and social pressure to buy gifts, including expensive gifts they cannot really afford. Others will be disappointed with their gifts; still others will feel they should have gotten more presents.

A recent survey in Canada showed over 50% of nine-year olds, over 40% of ten-year olds, and about 33% of eleven-year olds believe in the myths of Santa Claus. Once they get older and find out the true nature of this invention, is it any wonder that they will not trust those who have been lying to them for over a decade?

After all, the lie of Christmas, Santa Claus, the little Christ Child bringing presents, and all the other accompanying myths had been propagated to them by those they had trusted most – their parents, family and friends (For more information on the subject of Christmas, please read or re-read our free booklet, “Don’t Keep Christmas.”).

The real tragedy of all of this is, that the observance of Christmas with all its paganism attached to it takes away from the worship of the true God. We are never commanded to keep Christmas, and we know for a fact that Christ and the Apostles never kept it. We are admonished not to add to, nor take away from what is commanded by God (Deuteronomy 4:2). Sadly, man has mostly rejected this admonition.

There is a time coming soon when all pagan holidays, including Christmas, will be abolished by the returning Jesus Christ. Then, the world will learn to keep those weekly and annual Holy Days that God established and tells us about in the Bible. Keeping these days will leave no bitter after taste, remorse or guilt. Rather, it will leave one with a sense of joy and true satisfaction, knowing that these days are biblically commanded and sanctioned by ALMIGHTY GOD.

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