Location, Location, Location

In organized volleyball there are specific positions that you go to on the court when attacking on offense or defending on the other side of the net. Coach used to say, “A lesser player in the right position is more valuable than a good player in the wrong position”

Solomon and Saul were great men that were caught “out of position” (1Kings 11:4; 1Sam 16:14 ) at different times in their lives. Solomon, as we know, was one of the wisest men of all time and Saul was a strong man and a mighty warrior. Yet, with all of their wisdom and strength, they often “missed the mark”.

That being the case, what chance do we, the weak and foolish of the world, have?

With Satan roaming the earth looking to take advantage of us in any way that he can, we only have one place where we will find safety. That “position” is right on the heels of Christ, our example (1Pet 2:21). Saul and Solomon did not follow Him all the days of their lives and the chinks in their armor were found and were exploited.

Our position should be one of following Christ as He leads us to God the Father. We are to walk with Him daily keeping all the commandments of God. If we do this, we, the weak called of God, can accomplish what the great often did not and make our calling and election sure.

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