Feast 2002 in Pendicton

Penticton is a medium size city, by Canadian standards, of less than 30,000 nestled between two mountains and two lakes — Okanagan Lake to the north and Skaha Lake to the south. It is a semi arid fruit-growing region. There are orchards of apples, peaches, pears, apricots, and cherries. Scattered throughout the region within half an hour from town, there are nine wineries, some offering tours. The weather in late September should be in the seventies.

The town has three shopping malls plus the downtown center. There are plenty of good restaurants from fast food to four course meals at a few selective restaurants either in town or within thirty minutes drive. There is an airport at the south end of town for those flying. There are places to walk, bike and drive if one wishes. There are three golf courses within 30 minutes, one right in town. Horseback riding within 30 minutes and an amusement park, I hope, will still be open.

The current exchange rate is 1.56, which means for every $100.00 US you get $156.00 Canadian. You are better off waiting to get here and exchange your money at a local bank. There are several pubs that offer good menus, two bowling alleys and a theatre. God’s people have used Penticton as a Feast site for some 34 years and we are confident you will really enjoy Penticton.

We are planning a bike trip from Summerland to Penticton on the Kettle Valley right of way, coming back along Hwy 97. This should take about two and a half hours. For those not so inclined there is a tour on a steam locomotive in Summerland that should take about two hours. After this, there will be a barbecue and talent night at my house in Summerland. All of these activities will occur on Monday, Sept.23rd. The train ride costs $17.00; bikes can be rented for $20.00.

On Wednesday, Sept 25th, from 4-6 PM, we are planning a dinner boat cruise on Okanagan Lake. Included in the price of $27.00 per person will be a chicken dinner meal with bar service. Since the boat has capacity of only 48, we must operate on a first come first serve basis. Tickets will be sold at the information booth starting on Sunday, Sept. 22nd. On Thursday, Sept. 26th, we will have a dinner dance. Music will be supplied from our personal selection. The meal will be served with a choice of meat (beef) or fish (salmon) with all the trimmings, and will include tea, coffee and desert. Wine is available but is extra. The cost is $22.00, which includes taxes and tip. We will need those attending the dinner dance to sign up on Sunday for this also. Senior luncheon will be on Friday the 27th at 1:30, people, age 60 or over, are free. Those wishing to attend the senior luncheon, who are under the age of 60, are welcome for a price just under $11.00. Please sign up for the senior luncheon on Sunday also, as we need to get the numbers to the caterers for the meal preparation. There will be a farewell luncheon provided at 2:00 PM on the Last Great Day, Sept. 28th. There will be no cost to the brethren for this meal, but we do need to know how many will be attending, so please sign up for this also.

We will have sign up lists at the information booth and tickets available for all activities, beginning September 22nd.

Please plan to attend as many activities as possible, and as fits your budget. We would like to ask you to sign up as early as possible at the information booth for the activities, which you plan to participate in, so we can properly prepare for each activity. Thanks for your co-operation and we are looking forward to seeing you in Penticton.

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