More recently, the concept of self-regulation has been introduced into so many areas of life, including commerce, industry, finances and sport, amongst many others. These courses of conduct are usually called voluntary codes of practice to ensure that appropriate behavior is implemented, based on the law. They want to avoid the heavy hand of the law and the penalties that would probably follow. Much is made by organizations who trumpet the fact that they are able to police and manage their sphere of operations sufficiently and well enough without the need of outside interference.

But self-regulation has been in force for a Christian for a long time, showing how up-to-date the New Testament is, in spite of it being nearly 2,000 years old! At baptism, a Christian commits to a life of growing and overcoming, with the power of the Holy Spirit. He has to regulate himself and his behavior to conform to the Will of God and His Way.

In just over a week’s time, on the evening of April 1, after sunset, baptized members of the Church of God will be taking the Passover, but only after self-examination. There are a number of Biblical references to this requirement, which are given to ensure that Church members spend time examining themselves to be certain that they take the Passover in a worthy manner.  In other words, they have to engage in and review their own self-regulation, based on God’s Law! By taking this course of action, they are able to judge themselves, so that they will not have to be judged by God (compare 1 Corinthians 11:31).

While this is the time of the year when a more intense spiritual introspection takes place, ongoing self-examination is an integral part of a true Christian’s way of life.

Self-regulation is not a new concept dreamed up by government agencies, business or other areas of life in the 21st century. It is a concept as old as Christianity–one that we must take seriously today, as we press towards the Kingdom of God. It is an essential part of our calling–one in which we must not fail.

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