Matthew 13:44

During the Feast of Tabernacles that we just finished observing, there were many “meaty” messages. One of the themes that emerged during this time was that the Kingdom of God should be the most important priority in our life. We have all heard this at one time or another in our lives, but it was particularly poignant at the feast this year and rightly so.

There is NOTHING that is more critical, outstanding, pressing, essential, pre-eminent, foremost, grave, imperative, prominent, meaningful, momentous, substantial, remarkable, paramount, relevant, serious, crucial, significant, urgent and vital. This is and should be our number one motivation.

When we weigh the differences between a physical temporal life and an eternal spiritual life the latter wins hands down. This life that we are living here and now on this earth cannot be compared with what awaits us as
part of the God Family. What would we do that we might attain such a great reward? What wouldn’t we do?

Spending eternity in the God Family is a gift that God has offered to us if we do as He has commanded. Though it cannot be earned there are still many things He asks of us. These are the things that we are to be doing NOW. Let’s take the spiritual rejuvenation and impetus gained at the feast and refocus our efforts on our first love, the Kingdom of God.

To learn more about these subjects we suggest our booklets: God’s Commanded Holy Days, God is a Family and The Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

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