Christ gave the disciples of His time the admonition to watch  (Mark 13:33), and He subsequently expanded this command to all of His disciples at all times  (Mark 13:37). Yet, what we see today is an array of people not following His instruction. Rather, they are focusing on peripheral areas, and not on the crucial aspects of what is happening in the world. 

Some are caught up in conspiracy theories; the Illuminati; a future world government originating with the United Nations; or the twenty richest people in the world who are believed to have some unrevealed plot to establish a world government. Even if there was an element of truth to some of the plans or plots of certain groups or organizations in this regard, this is not where events are going to eventually transpire. All of these theories are basically distractions to keep one’s mind away from the areas where prophecy will occur. Satan is doing a good job of keeping people’s minds–including the minds of some converted Christians–off from those critical areas.

Where many fail to watch and where the Bible clearly points to, is the development of a United  Europe. A strong political leader of German ancestry will emerge from within a United Europe, and a strong religious leader will arise in Rome. They comprise the “beast” and the “false prophet,” as they are called in Revelation 13:4-6, 11-16. They will be working together with the goal to dominate the world. They will be influenced and inspired to act by the powerful god of this world, Satan the devil. 

Another area where all these theories take one’s mind off, deals with future events in the Middle East. Europe and the Middle East are two of the predominant areas where prophecy will be fulfilled. World government truly is coming, but not in the form most believe. It is coming when Christ returns and when He establishes the Kingdom of God on this earth.

True Christians are told not only to watch, but they have the added responsibility of being involved. The Church of God has been given mainly two commissions–or two aspects of the Great Commission. First, it is to preach and publish the gospel of the Kingdom of God to the world, but only as a witness (Matthew 24:14; Mark 13:10, Authorized Version); that is, it is not to try to proselytize, browbeat, coerce, or use threats, but rather, it is to make the truth available. The Church’s second responsibility is to feed the flock or the sheep, as Christ told  Peter in John 21:15-17. These are the criteria by which the Church as a whole is judged.

Our individual responsibility is to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18), and to support the efforts of the Church through our prayers, tithes and offerings, and through whatever physical help we might be able to give. Anything that distracts us from these clearly defined goals will only lead to our downfall as individual members of the Church. And if a Church organization was to fall into the trap of being distracted from its commission by ignoring parts of it, or by substituting it with something else, then it, too, will ultimately cease to be a tool in God’s hands, in furtherance of His plan–even though the organization itself might thrive and become increased in wealth, riches and prestige.

That’s why it is so important to focus on the task at hand and to watch with understanding and consider the signs of the time, rather than being distracted by the conspiracy theories offered by Satan. The key question is, are we watching and being involved, or are we focusing our attention in wrong areas, which will only diminish our abilities to remain focused on the important things and remain effective in what we are doing?

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