In recent weeks there has been a salmonella scare with tomatoes in many parts of the USA. In previous months, spinach was causing health concerns because of E. coli contamination. And to date, many countries refuse to import American beef across their borders. In a recent Korean protest of imported American beef it was reported, “the online masses have taken to the streets, cursing America and demanding that their government should act to avert catastrophe.” Although the protests were caused by greatly exaggerated myths of U.S. beef, America, once a blessing and breadbasket to the world, is quickly becoming a scourge to it.

In defense of the U.S. government’s Food and Drug Administration, when health issues have arisen, measures are quickly put into place in order to remedy the problems in food supply. But with all of America’s efforts and the measures that have been instituted, America’s reputation is still being lost, and people are still getting sick.

We must in these times be extremely careful what we allow into our bodies, both physical and spiritual. God instituted food laws, not to deny us pleasure, but to keep us healthy. Likewise, He has filled the Bible with laws to keep the right spiritual food entering our bodies. But knowing what isn’t good for us to partake of for spiritual health is not something we are going to learn from immersing ourselves in this world.

In Hebrews 5:14 we read: “But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of USE have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.”

Knowledge of real spiritual health and what is safe to take in will only be evident to us through continued study of the Scriptures. We must become “label readers.” It’s not enough to rely on a quick glance of what we are ingesting, and assume it’s safe to take in. Only after constant and thorough inspection can we hope to filter what is entering in and building up our spiritual character.

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