Seriously Now…

There is a reason for the prophecies of the Bible that tell of the end times!

God has inspired very specific details that will coincide with and begin to usher in the final days of human government under the stifling dominance of Satan. These prophetic warnings are something we must not ignore; furthermore, we need to understand our times and the events that lie just ahead.

Only the very few are destined to comprehend the truth God is revealing, and, sadly, even fewer yet will actively take it all to heart.

In a prophecy found in the Book of Daniel that directly speaks of the End Time, a contrast between the wicked and the wise is drawn: “‘…and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand'” (Daniel 12:10). This kind of understanding is coupled with action.

Jesus Christ compared the last generation alive before the Flood to the future generation who will experience the time of “great tribulation.” In Matthew 24:39, Jesus pointed to the fact that complacency will blind people of our time–just as it did those people of the ancient world.

Our particular challenge goes beyond just knowing the truth of prophecy. That, by itself, isn’t nearly enough!

If we are to follow the example of how Jesus Christ lived His life, then we must honestly admit that He put His knowledge to work! He preached the Gospel of the Kingdom of God; He willingly sacrificed His own desires–even to the point of yielding to His own death; He established the Church of God; and, He continues now as our living High Priest–intervening on our behalf before God the Father!

There is no statement nor is there any hint in God’s Word that Jesus was self-satisfied and unconcerned about what He understood. In fact, just the opposite is true!

Like Jesus Christ did, so must we, and that is to answer our calling. Let’s take it just as SERIOUSLY as He did, and that means, we must be doing it NOW!

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