Standing Firm

We often come under criticism for what we believe and do as Christians. When people learn that the ways that we follow are so drastically different from their own, their tendency is to condemn and put down, especially what they do not understand.

But, if those that would ridicule our path, would only judge the Word of God on its merit, they would find a way of life that works. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone kept only one of God’s laws?  How much better off would humanity be if there was simply no stealing?

There would be no need to have locks to keep burglars out of our homes and thieves from taking our cars. The price of food and goods would decrease as it would no longer be necessary to cover the cost of stolen items. Company productivity would increase as employees became more honest about their time… and the list goes on. 

Then, what if we added to no stealing: no lying, no killing, etc.  Do the math! Can we see the direction this would take mankind and the ultimate benefit for all involved? The point being, the way of life that we have been shown and now keep to the best of our ability, IS A WAY OF LIFE THAT WORKS! Regardless of what anyone thinks, how much better would we all be if everyone lived a God-designed life?

We must never be put off by what others will say and do, but rather remain resolute in our convictions. By doing so, we will continue in the good work that God has begun in us as well as being a part of the good work that He will eventually do in the rest of mankind… even the naysayers of today.

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