"Trust Me"

Trust is an asset that cannot truly be bought, yet in its purest form is absolutely priceless. Trust is the primary vehicle on which a community should manage to function. Without it, even the simplest activities that we normally take for granted become dramatically more dangerous. To cite an example, when we drive we stay on our side of the road trusting or expecting that those in oncoming traffic will do the same. Likewise, the drivers whom we trust, place their trust in us to stay on our side of the road. When any single driver on the road decides to neglect this trust, the roads become unsafe. Only with a system of mutual trust, where that trust is honored by all parties involved, is it possible to provide a stable and safe environment.

It is when trust is violated that havoc ensues. Try to imagine an environment where you cannot believe anything that another says. Imagine that others fail to confide in anyone else for fear of being betrayed. In such a world, how nerve wracking would it be to make a simple purchase, knowing that the cashier might take your money and ask you to leave without your purchased goods? How difficult would it be walking down the street, knowing that each person you pass poses a serious threat to your safety? It is clear that a world void of mutual trust is a nightmare that no one wants to live in. Yet, this is the direction towards which this world ceaselessly marches.

With the recent public release of the infamous WikiLeaks communication cables, a shocking amount of international trust has been flushed down the tubes. The private and unflattering views of many foreign dignitaries have now been exposed to friends and enemies alike, worldwide. Because of this event, has the United States lost its reputation for integrity, honor and honesty? Will the countries and individuals as subjects in these secret documents dare to trust this country with its valuable information any longer? Anyone who has had their trust betrayed will find it natural to conclude that many of those relationships will grow cold. Proverbs 18:19 tells us: “A brother offended is harder to win than a strong city.” Here, we see a real world example in which mutual trust is disintegrating before our eyes. With international trust violated on such a grand scale, the international political environment has taken a giant step towards greater instability and lack of safety. Just how high the guard walls will rise up, only time will tell.

The only way to correct such a cascading course of distrust and betrayal is to set an example of trustworthiness. The Bible provides the best instruction to us on this subject matter. The Ten Commandments teach us how to treat our neighbor — with honesty, respect and love — so that we can be trusted. Jesus Christ Himself set the best example of trustworthiness by sacrificing His own life for our sake. By His name we know that we can and will be saved (Acts 4:10-12). As Christ’s disciples, we must live in a manner so that we can be trusted. In the final analysis, only God is totally trustworthy and reliable. We are told in Scripture not to put our ultimate trust in man (Psalm 146:3; compare Psalm 118:8; Micah 7:5).

The Bible clearly teaches that above all else, we are to trust in God. We find comfort in Psalm 9:10 where we read, “And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.”

As the world around us becomes more unstable with the virtue of trust disintegrating, we are required to adhere to the righteous and spiritual ways of God, rejecting the ways of the world. We must prove ourselves to be trustworthy by demonstrating Christian integrity. Most importantly, we must also trust in the one true God to fulfill His plan for the Kingdom to be established.

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