Almost in Common

Shelly Bruno

While shopping before Passover last week, the checker asked me if I had any special recipes I was preparing. That is all he asked, but someone familiar with Passover traditions would know I wasn’t buying Matzos for just any reason. I knew exactly what he was referring to—the Passover Seder. I was quick to point out that I’m Christian and also observe Passover, but not in the same traditions the Jews do. I excitedly wanted to tell him what I do observe and celebrate, but in the 2 minutes that our paths crossed, there seemed little interest on his part. I was no longer Jewish to him, so our connection was lost.

Yet we almost had faith in common, at least it briefly seemed so. I couldn’t help but wonder as I walked away what it will be like when all people have true faith in common. I look forward to that glorious future! No longer will we encounter others and wonder how their traditions differ from ours—we will walk together and worship together. And depending on what the future holds, we might even buy Matzos together.

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