Moving Forward

by Phyllis Bourque

I have just recently turned away from 50+ years of working for other people, and have finally embraced retirement!  But in doing so, I find myself keenly aware that there are more years of human life behind me than in front of me, something I hadn’t really thought about until now.  As I survey the landscape of life behind me, it is littered with mistakes, regrets, pain and sorrow, but also sprinkled generously with love, laughter and hope.  God has blessed me with many abilities, as well as opportunities to develop those abilities. He has allowed me to accomplish much in my lifetime, but He has also provided trials for my correction and learning along the way.  It has been a full life, and while retirement is a major turning point in my life, I needn’t dwell on regrets of the past.  I need to keep moving forward.

I am now engaged in reevaluating, reprioritizing, and refocusing my life.  I’m going through closets, drawers, and boxes, beginning to destash and purge what is no longer important, and bringing to the forefront those things that are of greater value.  Though my remaining years are shorter, I still have some goals I would like to reach. In particular, I want to pursue my interest in music, as well as other creative endeavors; I want to shore up certain relationships; and I want to improve my health.  I believe these are worthwhile efforts, and I also believe that this is an opportune time to make some course corrections in my life.

Yet for all the changes I have in mind, the most worthwhile effort of all is for me to continue to improve my character, with the help of God’s Spirit, each and every day.  I have come to see that, regardless of what situation I am in, I must always press forward in my personal conversion if I expect to be found faithful at Christ’s return. When I focus on the hope of eternal life just beyond my remaining human years, it brings a smile to my heart. I find it awesome to think about living a life in which I will always be progressing in the right way, working alongside many other Spirit beings, under the direction of Jesus Christ, to change the world from dark to light, from evil to good, from wrong to right.

And I think to myself… what better motivation is there to keep me moving forward?!

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