Trust in God

by Gilbert DeVaux

I was thinking about trust, and that I have put my trust in the Eternal. He provides all my needs. He hears and answers my prayers. He cares for me. He has revealed His grand plan for mankind to me. I am grateful for my calling, as the Eternal God has also put His trust in me.

This is His undeserved kindness toward me, when I look at this and compare myself to the world. I am very grateful, for mankind has no real hope. There is no one to put their trust in; their governments are failing them; they are lost; they are in fear; they are losing their jobs; they have no one to turn to for help.

I do not have their fears; my trust is in  the right place, because He has given me real and lasting hope. He has given me the truth of His Word and His Holy Spirit. I know that the return of Christ is soon. I am sorry for mankind, but I know that Christ will set up His Kingdom, and that mankind will then put their hope and trust in the right place, and I will be there to help. I have much to look forward to.

May I always keep my trust in the Eternal God and never take Him for granted.

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