What a Surprise!

by Cali Harris

Shortly after the Feast of Tabernacles this year, I was laid off. The search for a new job has turned out to be a joyful process because I’ve connected with so many interesting people and companies.

I went through an intense interview process with one particular company, and they offered me a job. The same day, I had the opportunity come up for another job – a dream job for a dream company. I realized I’d have to decline the job offer sitting in my lap if I wanted to pursue a chance at the “dream job.” It was scary to walk out on that limb of faith.

Declining the job offer would be a difficult conversation to have, and I was very anxious. The company had dedicated a lot of time and energy to me throughout the interview process – and I felt terrible about disappointing them.

When I called the hiring manager, I was straightforward and let her know that while I enjoyed her team and was grateful for the offer, I had another chance at a dream job. What happened next was nothing I could have envisioned.

The manager expressed her disappointment that I wouldn’t be joining their team. She then asked where the “dream job” was. I told her the name of the company, and she offered to call someone she knew there and put in a good word for me. Then, she said that if it didn’t work out at the other company, she’d still love to have me join their team.

“Wow!” is an understatement – I couldn’t believe how generous and unusually accommodating she was. When I hung up the phone, I marveled at the unexpected ways God can turn a tough situation into one filled with possibility.

I’ve yet to find out if the dream job will work out, but I’m praying that God’s Will be done – and I’m excited for what comes next.

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