Mosquito Bite

by Christian Mrosek

I was sitting in the garden at my parent’s house on a wonderful day, enjoying the sun. But then, a mosquito bit me. I actually realized the fact that I was bitten while scratching my leg, which only made things worse. This got me pondering. As I found myself scratching immediately after feeling the itching, without really thinking about it, I realize that I still find myself giving in to wrong habitual behavior, without really thinking and battling the temptation.

It is frustrating and even discouraging at times to find myself doing the wrong thing again and again. But what I have learned from that mosquito bite is that, as I never have to scratch, I never have to sin. It is always my decision.

This whole analogy of the mosquito bite, the itching and the scratching with its negative consequences, brought, in fact, many spiritual principles to my awareness. Reflecting on this occurrence, I came to further realize that God will always be there. He will always help me get back up. He knows me better than I know myself. He will always know how to teach me a lesson, and how to encourage me. But I still have to do my part, and it will take much effort. The temptations will not disappear, and it will not be easy to overcome them. But I can do it and I will do it, because God’s Holy Spirit lives within me.

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