Connect Each Day

by Delia Messier

In May of this year, my husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary! Getting married and starting a family so young was a great challenge as we were not ready for such responsibilities. With lack of guidance, education and support, we played it by ear.

But we had made a commitment and divorce was not a word in our vocabulary.

Now I can look back and reflect on what it was that made it work and kept us close and still in love.

I can say that the KEY thing that not only made it work but a joy as well was that we connected each day.   No matter how upset we were with each other or one with the other, there was an unspoken thing we did not fail to do, except on a very rare occasion.

The very first thing we do each morning is to greet each other with a kiss.  We CONNECT each day with love!

As we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary, I also thought of my long walk with God. I have a relationship with my Father,  my God  and Savior.  I made a commitment to God and divorce is not in my vocabulary!

How can I keep my relationship going and keep from growing tired and throw in the towel? This way of life is so contrary to this world and sometimes my life becomes overwhelming with trials, difficulties and challenges.

But the key to having had this long and strong relationship with the joy it brings is the same as the one with my husband–to connect with my God each day, to renew each day my relationship with Him.

I made the decision many years ago that my prayers must connect!  I do not get off my knees until I have connected–so that I am not talking to the ceiling! 

This is what I have come to see that has made my long walk with my husband survive and thrive, and this is what I have come to see that has made my long walk with my God survive and thrive.

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