A Thankful Circumstance

by Manuela Mitchell

An event that happened last month, when my husband was let go from his job, resulted in some unavoidable circumstances. We were, again, put into a situation similar to the one that we experienced 2 years previously. My husband, as determined and hopeful as he is, has been searching daily for work and quickly responding to any interview offered. As of yet, he remains focused and still on the hunt.

I have been researching insurance plans extensively because being a Type 1 diabetic and having a small child, I know that not having insurance is risky. Since last month, I have been unsuccessful in finding appropriate coverage. I am constantly denied due to my pre-existing condition or I am unable to afford the high premiums. What now? We have no medical coverage. I started to become anxious and scared that something could happen if we didn’t have insurance.

My employer, knowing of my situation, offered our son Sam and me coverage if I worked an additional day, meaning full time.  Kalon and I had discussed putting Sam into pre-school so he could build some important skills and have a chance to properly socialize. Our goal was to put him into this school 2 days/week; that way childcare for 2 days of my week was covered. We interviewed with the school and absolutely loved what we saw and how the children responded. We were excited that the school was not religiously based but extremely disappointed that it still partook in the worldly holidays—several weeks before they occurred. Songs, movies, crafts and drawings pertaining to the holiday would be in Sam’s near future. Removing him from those activities would not be possible by the teachers as they did not believe it was fair to him to be treated differently than other 3-year-olds as he would not understand. So, that decision was final, which put us right back into our dire circumstance.

It is easy to lose hope, the desire to keep searching, the will and even faith. It is also easy to ask why and not to receive an answer. And, it is very easy to get depressed. I refuse to be overtaken by what is easy. I am fortunate that as a family, we are strong and can overcome anything with God’s loving help. I am blessed that we are healthy and alive. And as difficult and as heart-wrenching as this event has become, as silly as it sounds, I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to improve myself, to trust God and to handle any trial that has been given to me.  I know and believe that in the end, it will all work out.

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