Starved and Poisoned

by Delia Messier

It was an exciting time in my twenties when God called me into His Way of Life, opened my eyes, and made me part of His Church–the spiritual Body of Christ—when I learned the truth and received those answers that I always wanted to know.

My life was all about learning and re-learning the right way! My first 20 years were full of rich, bountiful spiritual food, given to me by God’s servants  in and out of season! But then, things began to change, when doctrinal heresy crept into the Church organization that I was attending. Slowly our spiritual food became more milk, less meat, while adding a little poison —  “new truths” —  a better understanding —  the need for “more loving,” so we were told.

Trusting my teachers, thinking that they were telling me the truth, but having difficulty understanding and accepting these “new truths,” I concluded that not believing them was a problem on my part. I just was not getting it!   Things didn’t seem to add up! So weakened by several years of bad spiritual diet with watered-down poisonous food, my prayers and personal Bible studies became strenuous and very  frustrating.

So many left the truth those days, washing their hands of everything, and even I was tempted to go with the flow. But still, in the end, deciding that I needed to do God’s Will and not my own, being so confused, I would pray that He would help me to know and understand. After some time, I decided to re-read an article in our Church newspaper. The first paragraph in the Editorial was the sentence: “The 10 commandments have been done away with.”   What?   How come, I didn’t see that article before?  But I had read it—I just had not grasped what it was telling me.

I was so spiritually sick that my eyes had not seen it. They had been shut, when I had read it. There it was in black and white–bold as could be!  And even though I had not realized what I had seen the first time, I had begun to swallow it.

God had to re-open my eyes! I saw clearly now that the article was teaching a lie!  I had been fed lies — evil  seeds planted and growing.  Soon I could have been dead oblivious to the most outrages lies! I realized that God had saved me from the grips of death by re-opening my eyes again to the truth.

Today I know that  I have to be very careful to whom I am listening and where I attend services. Satan will try to plant seeds, if I listen to the wrong source, and they will affect me,  even if I think I am strong and can’t possibly be fooled.

I learned that I have to be where the true spiritual food is rich and bountiful, and I have to make sure that I prove all things, having confidence in God’s servants that have proven to be His true servants and who remain faithful, and doing what I need to do, always confirming all things in the Bible, trusting God and following His servants as they follow Christ.

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