Go For the Gold

by John Amorelli

Last month, the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, took place and were broadcast globally. As I was watching some of the events, my mind was wandering back to the gala “Opening Ceremony,” which showed a multitude of athletes representing their nations and countries that really caught my attention. I started thinking about the coming of God’s Kingdom into this world as an “Olympic Event,” spiritually speaking. It will be an unparalleled and quintessential event!

I was also pondering on the years of training, endurance and persistence the athletes had to go through to achieve “Olympian” status. They were focused on “Going for the Gold.” They had experienced injuries and fell down hard in some events, but they got back on their feet and continued their endeavor to be back in the game to reach for the gold.

Just as the athletes in the physical Olympics, I have to remind myself that I am in a spiritual Olympic Game. When I get injured and fall down, spiritually, I need to get myself up and get back in the game—which is God’s Way of Life—and to “Go for the Gold,” which is God’s coming Kingdom!

Watching a spectacular event, such as the Olympics, reminds me of a future spiritual event which is worth all of the training, trials, tribulations and persecutions in this life. God desires for me to be in His Kingdom and He wants me to “Go for the Gold”!

The question I have for myself is: Am I in the Game?

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