Taking a Moment

by Manuela Mitchell

When I was a child, I remember  a week feeling like it took a month, and a month seeming like a year. I remember my summer vacation lasting what seemed like a lifetime as I waited for the new school year to start. But, as I grew older, I discovered that time did not wait and more responsibilities were added to my schedule. Within the last few weeks, I have felt as if I could not keep up with the routines of life. There are always increased trials around the Passover season, and even the simple idea of time can be one of them.
I have found that I seem to be always rushing; whether it be before work, church, dropping my son off at preschool, or, for even recreational activities. I don’t mean to rush, and I often prepare enough time to get things done, but somehow, unexpected things find me. I have trouble sitting still; I am always up either at work or working on things around the house. There have been times when I have found myself rushing through prayer or study because my mind won’t take a rest from everything that is occurring all at once.
I know that taking a moment to recollect what is truly important in life will help me manage the time that I do have to spend on other things. Sometimes, I have to take a moment to just sit and not fret about the worries in life, but focus on God who will in time make me stronger and be more at peace with myself.

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