Walking the Extra Mile…

by Phyllis Bourque

In my earlier years in the church, a friend confided in me that she was having a problem with someone else in the church, and she wanted some advice on how to handle the situation. While I felt sympathetic toward her and did not want her to be treated unkindly, I did not fully understand her struggle. In effect, I had not “walked the extra mile” with her.

Now– many years and many trials later– I understand better that God tailors our trials for our benefit in order to help us incorporate His character into our lives. I most certainly still have much to learn, but I do believe that the greater benefit of what I learn through trials now will be extended to those whom I may have the privilege of guiding in the Millennium. This is encouraging to me! Of course, by then I will have been given perfect wisdom, but I think that what I learn through my present human experiences will also be a contributing factor to being a successful teacher/counselor/intercessor at that time.

I acknowledge that Jesus Christ has already “walked the extra mile” in laying down His life for me, and I know that He draws on His human experiences when interceding to the Father on my behalf. I want to be able to do the same for those who will be under my care in the future, effectively extending God’s tender mercies to them as He is now doing for me.

With this in mind, I can approach any trials or problems as challenges to my necessary spiritual growth, all in preparation for my future position as a Spirit Being in the Family of God. Therefore, I should be encouraged and hopeful in all circumstances, as God wants me to be, rather than becoming frustrated or discouraged, as Satan wants me to be. I am committed to learning now, so that I can teach in the future.

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