Letter to the Brethren – November 16, 2018

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Dear Brethren and Co-Workers,

There seems to be a dramatic shift in terrible events and awful occurrences in the last few months which strongly indicate that Satan is very active and that we are closer to the return of Christ than some may perceive or suspect.

For example, a disturbed individual sent pipe bombs by mail to political figures and news outlets. We observed the largest massacre of Jews at their synagogue in U.S. history, worshipping on the Sabbath, with eleven people brutally murdered by a mentally deranged hateful individual. Then, a former veteran killed twelve people at a bar in California, before he cowardly killed himself.

Unprecedented and historic fires are burning out of control in Southern California, and some fires burn also in the north of the state. We have seen Satan attacking and persecuting Church of God families with trials and problems, and some Church members have been throwing in the towel, including those who did not attend anymore God’s Feast of Tabernacles this year. All of this prompts us to ask ourselves: “What is going on? Has the world gone mad? And why would Church members want to foolishly return to this evil world?”

As mentioned, we can see the hand of Satan in these events which indicate his time is short, since he is so active. A few weeks ago, Mr. Norbert Link asked us to fast in the following week. How many took that admonition to heart and put it into practice? We trust, all of you did. Fasting is a crucial part of maintaining a close relationship with God; especially, as we get closer to the great tribulation, which appears to be not too far ahead of us even though we do not set dates.

If you think of your own family out for a walk and your son walking next to you, it is not likely that he will get helplessly into any kind of trouble or threat by your side. If your son is walking one hundred feet ahead of you, your reaction time of helping him is greatly decreased if something threatening occurs to him and you may not reach him in time to prevent injury or harm. When we are close to God, He may react to our needs and calls for help more readily than if we neglected the tools He has given us to stay close to Him, and He may allow us to face some trials and troubles to teach us a lesson, which we would not necessarily face otherwise if our relationship to Him was close and intimate.

As the great tribulation is drawing nearer and as time marches on towards the return of Christ, it is crucially important for us not to neglect prayer, Bible study, meditation and occasional FASTING.

It appears from all indications that we have reached the “beginning of sorrows.” The next major prophesied event would be the beginning of the great tribulation, which means we have to be close to God in order to persevere to the end, praying always to be worthy to escape the sore trials facing this world and having the determination to endure to the end of our lives or Christ’s return. We cannot put a price tag on the reward we will be given for remaining faithful to the end.

Being part of God’s Kingdom is being part of the royal Family of God. We will be ruling under Christ as Kings and Priests (compare Revelation 5:10). We shall rule mankind on the earth during the Millennium and the Great White Throne Judgment period since that is where man’s problems are which have to be resolved. We will oversee and bring about, under Christ, the spiritual rejuvenation of the nations to lead them to the Truth and the Knowledge of the one true God Family. We will teach mankind the necessity of observing the Sabbath as the ONLY day of worship during the week, as well as God’s annual Holy Days, while abolishing pagan worldly weekdays and holidays, such as Sunday, Christmas, Easter or Halloween, which turn man away from the true God to Satan, the current god and ruler of this world.

We will also oversee the rebuilding of destroyed cities and the providing of housing, clothing and physical things required to have a rich fulfilling life; the reclamation of the land to make it productive for food; and the cleaning up of the polluted oceans, rivers and lakes. Can we imagine the challenges and joy we will have when we accomplish all of what God has in store for mankind? It is beyond imagination how some could just walk away from such a challenging and glorious future to enjoy some passing pleasures of sin.

It really behooves us not to look back once we have put our hand to the plow, as we have been admonished time and again in sermon after sermon. Sadly, some do not seem to listen or care. But now is not the time to quit or drop the ball seeing we are so near to the end. We must push forward, staying close to God and keeping our eyes firmly on the crown which God patiently awaits to give to all who faithfully endure to the end. We must not neglect the tools given to us by God to achieve our wonderful goal.

In God’s service

Rene Messier (Canada)