Letter to the Brethren – November 29, 2017

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Dear Members, Co-Workers and Friends,

Since our last member letter, dated October 31, 2017, so much has occurred on the world scene. The speed with which biblical prophecies are being fulfilled is mind-boggling and amazing… if we have eyes to see and ears to hear.

This letter is meant to be a wake-up call, and it is written from a very personal perspective. So please, take this letter very personally. We are trying to warn, admonish and encourage our readers and listeners regularly with our weekly Updates, StandingWatch programs, booklets, sermonettes and sermons, but do you listen? We have written about our struggles with problems, and we have cautioned everyone not to let individual trials overtake them, so that they won’t lose focus, but do you listen and heed this admonition?

Sadly, and this is nothing new, some do not listen. Some will lose interest in the Truth and walk away. Some already have. It has always happened that way in God’s Church. Sometimes, I see familiar faces on Facebook picturing people with whom I was once very close. They seemingly believed what I believe, held dear what I embrace, taught what I teach. But look at them now! They lost all understanding and knowledge of the Truth, wearing crosses, standing before Christmas trees, embracing “grace” while proudly proclaiming that they are happily divorced. Some go off Facebook right away when they are being contacted by former friends… wanting nothing to do anymore with those who still belong to this “crazy” church. What happened? How could it happen? The warning is, you must be certain that it does not happen to you.

It might start small—seemingly harmlessly. A little compromise here, a little giving in there, a little appeasing of relatives and friends by just participating a little bit in Halloween or Christmas parties, until the nice princess costumes and the beautiful Christmas lights don’t look that wrong anymore. After all, what could be wrong with letting our children have some fun with trick-or-treating in order to get some candy? What could be wrong with decorating a nice evergreen tree, and singing inspiring songs to the Great God in heaven who came to this earth as a little child? What could be wrong with giving Christmas presents to others to show our love and concern for them? What could be so objectionable when we honor Christ’s birthday on Christmas Eve?

Wouldn’t it be understandable when we break the Sabbath just a little bit by working for an hour or so after sunset? Or, when we skip a few services during the Feast of Tabernacles? And to switch gears a little bit, what could be wrong with getting involved in politics, voting in governmental elections or participating in jury duty?

Can you see the faulty reasoning, or does this all sound a little bit appealing? If so, you are walking on a dangerous road.

Sooner than we may realize, baptized members of the Church of God will observe Passover—the most solemn occasion of the year—by partaking of the unleavened bread and the red wine which symbolize the awesome Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Will you observe Passover in a worthy manner? Or has it become somewhat of a routine? Do you work on overcoming your problems? Or will you observe Passover, as some have done in the past, while still smoking at the same time, or drinking excessively, taking illegal mind-altering drugs, or living in adultery or fornication? After all, are these problems really that serious? If that is your viewpoint, you are TRULY walking on dangerous ground.

When observing what is happening right now in the world, we should all realize the ugly picture with which we are confronted. But how ugly is it in your eyes? We hear of alleged horrible sexual scandals in the USA, with a despicable congressional procedure protecting the perpetrators and silencing or even persecuting the victims; we hear of admissions of tobacco companies that their products were intentionally designed to KILL people; we hear about the abominable radical transgender war; we are confronted with the worldwide threat of lunatic terrorists and the futile attempts of governments to “win the war against terrorism”; we hear about persecution of minorities all over the world… but how does this affect you? Do you sigh and cry about what is going on in your country, or doesn’t this make any difference to you?

We hear about political turmoil in Germany which might lead to frightening prophesied developments; sad fighting within the White House; lies by politicians and others in high places on an almost daily basis; the creation of a powerful EU Army which will bring havoc to this earth; real warnings of a collapse of the economy; coming huge earthquakes, including in California and Washington State; volcanic eruptions; terrible wars and military attacks, including by Russia and the USA, killing innocent civilians and children… the list could go on and on. Do you see where this is all leading? Do you understand that the Great Tribulation is very near? Do you comprehend the fact that Satan is VERY angry, trying to destroy you, as he wants to devour all Church members and eradicate all of mankind?

If so, do you agree with me that it is high time to wake up and get serious?

This letter is written to all of you, including myself. We need to put everything behind us which distracts us from fulfilling our individual and collective task… to get ready ourselves and to help others get ready for Christ’s return. Rather than delaying His coming, we must accelerate it. We CAN do this. YOU can do this. Will you?

With Christian love,

Norbert Link

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